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Tasmania’s rugged and beautiful environment is reflected by one of BOFA’s main themes, the Call of the Wild. Put inspiring people together with stunning places and you get wild place, wild people and wild films. Proudly sponsored by McArthur Financial who are wild about Tasmania and the Tasmanian way of life.



Fresh from winning the Best International Documentary at the American Documentary Film Festival, we are proud to present the Australian premiere of this incredibly exciting film about the Sea Shepherd and its attempts to stop the Japanese illegally killing whales in the Southern Ocean. You will feel every part of this wild seafaring event that began in Hobart, as the ship attempts to block the imposing Japanese ship. Add to this the voice of Dan Aykroyd and some brilliant camerawork, and you will have an unforgettable experience.

Following at 4:00pm-5:30pm in Hobart after the screening, there will be a free discussion of the issues raised by the film with the director Stephen Amis and a panel, at the Duke Hotel.

HOBART: Saturday, 11 May 2:00pm Cinema 1
LAUNCESTON: Saturday, 18 May 2:45pm Cinema 3


You’ll love these wild places and inspiring Tasmanian stories.namanu rruni | Albatross Island, magical home of 5200 breeding pairs of Shy Albatross. Lowest to Highest, five friends with disabilities cycle from Australia’s lowest point to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko. Returning patrula / fire Tasmanian Aboriginal traditional patch burning. Doing it Scared Paul Pritchard attempts to climb the Totem Pole that crippled him years before. Skullbone Plains, 10  top artists find inspiration in Tasmania’s Central Highlands.

There will be a Q & A with several of the producers of the four films, following the screening

Saturday, 18 May Noon Cinema 2


No-one expected a largely untrained group of women to succeed in a major round-the-world yacht race in 1989. One crass commentator even called them “a tub full of tarts”! This astonishing film that recreates this ground-breaking event which included the first ever all-female crew, will leave you cheering for these strong women. Focused mainly on Tracy Edwards, who became the skipper of this amazing female crew, Maiden graphically details their challenges, preparation and survival skills.

Following the film there will be a brief Q &A regarding women in yachting in Tasmania.

HOBART: Sunday, 12 May 5:30pm Cinema 2

LAUNCESTON: Thursday, 16 May 10:00am Cinema 2


You will feel every part of the frozen Siberian environment that surrounds this elderly couple, surviving challenging climatic circumstances. This award-winning filmfocuses on Nanook, a reindeer hunter, and Sedna his wife, who eke out a basic existence in this wild country. Based in a Yurta (nomadic tent), their daily existence of finding food and tending to familial chores, is threatened by encroaching climate change and the allure of the city for younger family members, that will derail their traditional way of life. Aga draws back the curtain on the human face of change and the options that these denizens of the Arctic face now – and we may face in the future. A chilling – and heart-warming – film, so make sure you rug up! Plus, stay after the Hobart screening for a brief discussion on climate change and its impact.

HOBART: Saturday, 11 May, 7:30pm Cinema 1

LAUNCESTON: Saturday, 18 May, 5:00pm Cinema 2



Celebrate all things food with the screening of this enjoyable film set in New Jersey in the 1950sas two brothers attempt to run an Italian restaurant, despite rivals and other pressures. How do they solve their financial issues? See the film and enjoy their sumptuous repast, and a great music soundtrack. While watching the film you can have some incredible food – and drink – of your own from Earthy Eats, one of Launceston’s most popular cafes


Friday, 17 May, 7:30pm Kingsway



Keep celebrating food by enjoying this wonderful day filled with:

·     Locally grown ingredients served with love at our street stalls
·     Artisan spirits, wine and beer from Tamar based craft producers
·     Art from the very heart of our local community
·     Live music straight from the heart of our creative performers
·     Fun for kids, including Maypole dancing

Plus, much more! Bring the kids, the dog and your island state of mind

Launceston, Sunday, 19 May 10:30am to 5:30pm.

Full program and details available NOW.

When booking multiple tickets the best and cheapest method is to buy from the box office in person. Online bookings incur a booking fee and are only able to be done one film at a time. If you can’t get to the box office to buy multiples let us know at director@breath-of-fresh-air.com.au and we will arrange to buy on your behalf and have the tickets for pick up.