“Do you like conflict? We LOVE conflict!”

– Salva


15 April-31 May

Director – Cesc Gay Durra
Running Time – 82 mins
Comedy / Spain / 2020 / Unclassified

Winner, Best Adapted Screenplay, Spanish Cinema Writers 2021

Sometimes, moving a play from stage to film just doesn’t work; there’s not enough stage or people. But The People Upstairs manages to take an original play and infuse it with all of the immediacy of the original – plus a few wry extras as well. Director (and author of the original play) Gay shines a bright light on modern relationships and social expectations; two couples in an apartment block meet up for the first time. Both are established couples, both have issues, but one couple (upstairs’ Lara and Salva) seems to have a little too much energy and fancy ideas as well. Gay allows the actors to talk their way through deliciously unexpected situations as he shines a light on the pitfalls of living a) with a long-time partner and b) neighbours with noisy sex. We’ve all been there: reassuringly familiar yet excruciatingly amusing at the same time.