NOTE: This screening has been cancelled due to inclement weather

30th April, Saturday | 6.30pm
Film @ Harvest Market Deck Chair Cinema(so bring your OWN comfy chair please),
71 Cimitere St, Launceston

Director – John Carney
Running Time – 86 mins
Romance /Ireland / 2007/Rated M

A charming, captivating tale of love and music. The film is set in Dublin, where we see a street musician singing for donations. This is the Guy (Glen Hansard). He attracts an audience of the Girl (Marketa Irglova). She loves his music. She’s a pianist herself. The film develops their story as they write, rehearse and record songs that tell their love story. In between, they confide their stories. Once was shot for next to nothing in 17 days, doesn’t even give names to its characters, is mostly music with not a lot of dialogue, and is magical from beginning to end. It’s one of those films where you hold your breath, hoping it knows how good it is, and doesn’t take a wrong turn. It doesn’t. Note: This is Deck Chair Cinema (so bring your OWN comfy chair, please)