“Ireland’s oldest residents fill the screen with warmth and wisdom.”

– Irish Times


15 April-31 May

Director – Alex Fegan
Running Time – 81 mins
Documentary / Ireland / 2015/Rated M

How does it feel to be 100 or more? Most of the thirty Irish centenarians we meet in this landmark documentary seem to agree that – with the exception of doing things more slowly than they once did – it doesn’t feel much different. Made up of a cast of colourful characters and many heart-warming stories, all the men and women interviewed in this Irish documentary have witnessed a century of immense social, political and technological change. In fact, as the title reveals, they are older than the state itself having lived through the 1916 Rising, the Troubles and more. They provide heart-warming and clear-eyed perspectives on the meaning of life as well as changing social mores. “I never ate a vegetable”, says Kitty proudly, while 103-year-old Bessie is intent on lighting a cigarette in the opening scene.