“Riseborough is nothing short of mesmerising.”

– Radio Times


15 April-31 May

Director – Zeina Durra
Running Time – 85 mins
Drama / UK / 2020/Rated M

Official Selection – Sundance Film Festival 2020

Directed by London born, Bosnian-Palestinian filmmaker Zeina Durra, this deeply affecting film follows the astonishingly talented Andrea Riseborough (Hana) as she seeks healing from the horrors of war. Hana, a refugee doctor in Jordan, has come to the ancient Egyptian site at Luxor to recover from the traumas of war, and to reassess her role as a human being. Amongst the temple ruins, she chances on old flame Sultan (Karim Saleh). They reconnect, they skirt around the obvious, they dance and almost say the things that need saying. Meanwhile, the camera of cinematographer Zelmira Gainza follows them tightly yet compassionately as they move through Luxor’s mysterious landscapes, in a search for something that might bring contentment, and possibly some kind of conclusion. This is one of those films you will remember for a very long time, yet hesitate to explain or categorise easily. A visual and emotional masterpiece.