“A graceful tale of human connection.”

– Boston Globe


Sunday 8 May, 6.30pm
St John’s Craft Beer, 133 St John Street, Launceston

Director – Kelly Reichhardt
Running Time – 122 mins
Drama / USA / 2019/Rated PG

Winner: Jury Prize, Deauville Film Festival 2020

Heard the one about the Jew, the Chinaman, and the cow? Well, this is your chance to hear it – and see it. And be blown away by a simple yet utterly gorgeous pioneer story. Filmmaker Kelly Reichardt (Old Joy) scores a visual bullseye with this lyrically shot and sparsely scripted wonder that captures both the landscape, and the scrappy pioneer morality that defined 1800s America. Cookie knows how to cook. His chum King knows how to sneak about at night. They conspire to make biscuits with milk stolen from the first ever cow to arrive in Oregon. Their biscuit business is an initial success, but the joy of this film is in the relationship between the two rogues. Critic Linda Marric sums it up: “Never has a film about two losers, and the platonic love they have for each other, felt more moving or more engaging.” Exactly. Pure cream.