This is a Conversation we need to have!

By May 15, 2020News

Remember the fires that wiped out the village of Dunalley in southern Tasmania and this iconic picture that went global? Not to forget the horrifying images of families waiting on the Gippsland beaches as the firefront approached last summer.

That’s Tammy Holmes and her five grandchildren in the pic – and she and her husband Tim will be on the panel this Saturday afternoon at 4.30pm. So watch Wilder than Wild and Zoom in using this link to hear their stories and share the wisdom of David Bowman, Director of the Fire Centre Research Hub and  Kevin White, the filmmaker and witness to the California mega-fires. This is a conversation we need to have!

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Enjoyed the free films? Here’s a chance to give back 

REMADE Creatives Online is a Tasmania-wide media streaming club. They still need just $1,000 to commission 15 artists to each create three videos using smartphones, about the making of their entry into REMADE, a wearable art show using recycled materials. Creative Partnerships Australia’s ACF Boost program matches every donation, small or large, and makes your donation tax deductible (DGR).

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