By April 25, 2020News

With so many events and special occasions being cancelled or postponed, we’ve had to get creative and find other ways to bring you our 10th Anniversary BOFA Film Festival.

What better choice than to go high-tech and online around Australia? And our partners McArthur Financial and Cityprom agree!

So, here comes Australia’s major online film festival straight out of Tasmania. 19 films, 14 countries, 17 days.

Here’s a quick rundown of the four films from our Choices we Make section of BOFA that will be live from 1st May. That’s next Friday! Once we send you your free access code you can start watching one or many in any order. Your choice!

Want a good film? You’re spoiled for choice

Watch films about people who are between the proverbial “rock and a hard place” and the choices they make.

Veins of the World looks at the traditional Mongolian lifestyle now under threat through gold-mining. When his father, who was leading the protest, dies, the young son has to make the decision of “what do I do now”? Loved The Story of the Weeping Camel? Don’t miss this.

You’ll have no choice but to laugh at this darkly humorous Nordic masterpiece. Spring is coming and the whole community – and you – are watching as man courts woman. This cannot end well!

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution saw 200,000 people flee the advancing Soviet troops. But Lili couldn’t take her daughter with her. As she journeys back to that time and place you’ll ask yourself: “What would I have done in her shoes”?

Artist and film-maker, Philippe Mora, knows his father lived in France after the Germans invaded in 1940, and sets out to uncover the choices he made – pausing only to indulge his passion for food along the way.

Let’s Choose to have Fun… Virtually!

It’s our 10th Anniversary! So, on FRIDAY 1 MAY  at 6PM we’re inviting directors, producers, actors, sponsors, volunteers, significant others ..and most importantly YOU to share via Zoom the back-stories, the highlights, the ups and the downs. Frock up, glam up or dress as you please. Invite your friends and  family.

To attend just Zoom in using this link.

Psst… we’ve got many other plans for fun, games and crazy stuff. Join us for exclusive premieres, DIY sofa parties and Slow Cinema Sundays™. Stay up to date on Facebook and Instagram. Not a friend yet? Sign up now. #letsBOFA!

A big thanks to For The People and Jeremy Torr, copywriter extraordinaire for their help.