Take a deep dive into BOFA Launceston

By April 29, 2021News

‘Tis the night before BOFA.
Rise up from your Sofa.
The movies are startin’.
Come join us and party!

BOFA Launceston is ready to go from 10am Friday 30 April to 8pm Sunday 2 May.

Well, we had to close the bookings for the Roaring 20s pre-screening party before Vita and Virginia due to VERY strong demand BUT there’s still plenty of ways to enjoy at BOFA Launceston. Here’s a few.

Got kids? Well, check out Spread Your Wings, Stray or Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom. A great way to introduce a child or a grandchild to the delights of world cinema.

Member of a book club or group of close friends who love art? Then get along to At Eternity’s Gate or Vita and Virginia.

Want the world to be a better place, then check out Jane Goodall: The Hope, A Moment in the Sun or Rosemary’s Way.

Ardent feminist or LGBTQIA? The Perfect Candidate, And Then We Danced and Two of Us are for you.

Getting older but still adventurous? Be inspired by The Mole Agent and Hillary: Ocean to Sky.

Love a wine? After watching Three Days of Glory you’ll be ready for a taste or two of world class wines.  Places limited so register now at Launceston or Hobart.

There’s movies aplenty to meet everyone’s taste so head to Films At a Glance and circle the ones that suit you.

So come on. Take a deep dive into BOFA Launceston!


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