Tasmania was the only state in Australia not to have an official state film festival until the Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival was started in 2010 by Launceston couple, Helen and Owen Tilbury. It has grown 7-fold since then.

But the festival needs support.

We are having to do more with less funds. To address this we’ve found generous corporate partners but we still need help from individual Patrons like yourself to fund our shortfall.

Donations support the costs of:

1. promoting the festival state-wide and nationally
2. bringing directors and actors to the festival
3. running BOFA add-on events

If you have enjoyed BOFA 2022 or are a fan of the festival would you like to be a BOFA Patron? If so, just contact us at use this link to the Australian Cultural Fund’s tax Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the ATO under the auspices of the  (

If you’d like to support BOFA 2022 by being a volunteers please complete this form  and we will be in touch.

Many thanks