BOFA aims to play an important role in the development of Tasmania as a creative state with an appealing lifestyle and a vibrant screen industry. BOFA wants to be seen as THE Tasmanian film festival which is ‘owned’ by the local screen industry with competitions, prizes and awards to aim towards – competitions that promote excellence and are a benchmark for the state.

2016 Selected Short Films

BOFA 2016 held three short film competitions: Aussie BOFA, Tasmanian Parks – a Place to Connect, and Hawthorn Junior Footy Short Film competitions.

BOFA Festival Director Owen Tilbury said that the short film competitions were an important way for BOFA to foster film making in Tasmania.

“The high standard of entries in all competitions this year reinforces that there is an abundance of creativity and film making potential in the Tasmanian community.”

Congratulations to the selected short film makers whose films showed before feature length films at BOFA 2016:

Short Film Title Director / Producer Screening with… Date and Time Venue
The Crossing Marieka Walsh / Donna Chang Shakespeare Live Thursday 10th Nov – 9.00am Annexe
Blood of Life Troy Melville Zach’s Ceremony Thursdsay 10th Nov – 2.00pm Annexe
Paper Garments for the Grave Natasha Foster Children of the Mountain Thursdsay 10th Nov – 4.00pm Annexe
Source, Our Cooperative Carly Rusden / Mark Thomson Ants on a Shrimp Thursdsay 10th Nov – 7.30pm Annexe
The Palace That I Live In Aimée-Lee Curran / Lale Teoman Music of Strangers Friday 11th Nov –  10.00am Tramsheds
Home Charles Williams Baulkham Hills Ladies Troupe Friday 11th Nov – 11.00am Annexe
A Journey to Tasmania’s Parks Edy Setyawan Be Here Now Friday 11th Nov – 12.30pm Tramsheds
Driftwood Dustmites Malina Maria Mackiewicz / Kym-Louise Barton Miss Impossible Friday 11th Nov – 2.00pm Annexe
The Conquest of Emmie Pauline Marsh / Paul Moran Girl Asleep Friday 11th Nov – 3.30pm Tramsheds
F***ing Mosquito Dave Joshua-Ford / Sonny Vebrac Baxter and Me Friday 11th Nov – 5.00pm Annexe
Doing It Scared Matthew Newton / Catherine Pettman A War Friday 11th Nov – 7.00pm Annexe
The Garden, Part One Craige Langworthy Sunset Song Friday 11th Nov – 7.15pm Tramsheds
The Plover Klutch Kable / Sheraden Robins Life Animated Saturday 12th Nov – 10.00am Tramsheds
Harry Tadpole Isabelle Allen Kedi Saturday 12th Nov -10.00am Annexe
Looking For Nevers Nick Nairn-Smith Remembering Sensei, Lighthouse Builders Saturday 12th Nov -10.30am QVMAG
Alternate Connection Damon Heather Remembering Sensei, Lighthouse Builders Saturday 12th Nov -10.30am QVMAG
At Midnight Amber McBride / Kym-Louise Barton The Salesman Saturday 12th Nov -12.00pm Tramsheds
Before It Falls Simon Bischoff / Mathew Farrell The Islands and the Whales Saturday 12th Nov – 12.00pm Annexe
Olympic Nick : A Donutumentary Ian Tran In the Shadow of the Hill Saturday 12th Nov -12.15pm QVMAG
A Boy Called Su Vedrana Music / Kym-Louise Barton Kenny Saturday 12th Nov -2.00pm Annexe
The Ern Malley Affair Rowena Potts / Kym-Louise Barton Lo and Behold Saturday 12th Nov -2.20pm QVMAG
Spill Aaron Lester Ellis The Confirmation Saturday 12th Nov -2.30pm Tramsheds
The Driver Tim Russell / Michael Wark National Bird Saturday 12th Nov -4.25pm QVMAG
Be Famous Naomi Fryer Mr Gaga Saturday 12th Nov -4.30pm Annexe
Woodvine Pauline Marsh / Joe Shemesh Like Crazy Saturday 12th Nov -7.00pm QVMAG
Mt Field National Park Beatrice Thurston-Regan Like Crazy Saturday 12th Nov -7.00pm QVMAG
The Edge of the Earth Simon Treweek Killing Ground Saturday 12th Nov -7.15pm Annexe
Love Train Mike Wedderburn Who’s Gonna Love Me Now ? Saturday 12th Nov -9.00pm Annexe
Understory Simon Treweek To Skin a Cat Sunday 13th Nov -9.45am Tramsheds
The Kindness of Strangers Ben Dickinson / Andrew Seaton Kampai Sunday 13th Nov – 10.00am Annexe
Douglas Astrid Wells Cooper Graduation Sunday 13th Nov – 11.45am Tramsheds
Window Vonne Patiag 900 Neighbours Sunday 13th Nov – 12.15pm QVMAG
Deszcz Malina Maria Mackiewicz / Kym-Louise Barton Monsieur Mayonnaise Sunday 13th Nov – 12.30pm Annexe
The Kangaroo Guy Joel Loxton / Kym-Louise Barton Sour Grapes Sunday 13th Nov – 2.30pm Tramsheds
Sleepless in Suburbia Ninna Millikin Who’s Gonna Love Me Now ? Sunday 13th Nov – 2.30pm Annexe
Bunny New Girl Nathalie Van Den Dungen Long Way North Sunday 13th Nov – 2.00pm QVMAG
Tasmania, a Place to Connect Gregory Naud To Skin a Cat Sunday 13th Nov – 4.00pm QVMAG
The Wheel Deal Andrew Del Vecchio Weiner Sunday 13th Nov – 4.15pm Annexe
The Good Room Jane Howard / Rogan Brown Fatima Sunday 13th Nov – 4.30pm Tramsheds


BOFA’s 2016 short film competitions are supported by Screen Tasmania, Aussie Launceston, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service and Hawthorn Football Club.


A free session showcased the breadth of talent of the Tasmanian entries from the two BOFA Short Film Competitions. 

These were shown at BOFA 2016  on Saturday 1.00- 3.00pm / Arch & Design

BOFA Aussie Shorts Director / Producer
Fellini 13.00min Daniel Peek
Waiting for Angel 6.40min Elli Illiades / Andrew Del Vecchio
Taxi Music 5.40min Troy Melville
Best Friends 6.50min Jane Howard / Rogan Brown
Chemical Ocean 4.00min Jordy Gregg / David Pyefinch
Bloodgurgler 6.20min Daniel James / Rogan Brown
Cracked 6.00min Claudia Holmes
Kirsten’s Story 13.00min Karen Rogers
Invisible (Silent Hunter) 8.50min Michael Cannon


Tasmanian Parks : A place to Connect Shorts Director / Producer
Journey to Tasmanian Parks 3min Edy Setyawan
Looking for Nevers 3min Nick Nairn-Smith
Woodvine 3min Pauline Marsh / Joe Shemesh
The Understory 2.50min Simon Treweek
The Edge of the Earth 2.56min Simon Treweek

FREE screening of all Tasmanian Short Films

All short films entered in the Aussie BOFA, Tasmanian Parks and Hawthorn Junior Footy short film competitions were shown at BOFA 2016 in an all day free screening at the Meeting Room, QVMAG on Sunday 13 November. Family, friends and colleagues were invited to this free event to  see Tassie’s shorts on the screen. 

10.15 am Hawthorn Footy Short Film Competition
Prospect – We are the mighty fighting Hawks! 2.8min Lucien Simon / Daniel Smedley
East Launceston Junior Football Club 2016 3min Hannah Youl
It’s More Than Football (Evendale Football Club) 3min Katrina Coleman


11.00am – 1.00pm Aussie BOFA Short Film Competition  (Part One)                 
Sleepless in Suburbia 2.40min Ninna Millikin
Fellini 13.00min Daniel Peek
Waiting for Angel 6.40min Elli Iliades / Andrew Del Vecchio
Bloodgurgler 13.30min Daniel James / Rogan Brown
Blood of Life 6.20min Troy Melville
The Thin White Duke 6.00min Mark Thomson
Source: Our Cooperative 9.00min Carly Rusden / Mark Thomson
7030 Cowboy 11.00min Samuel Mountford
The Wheel Deal 3.00min Andrew Del Vecchio
Doing It Scared 12.00min Matthew Newton / Catherine Pettman
The Garden, Part One 11.00min Craige Langworthy
Douglas 3.00min Astrid Wells Cooper
Before It Falls 12.10min Simon Bischoff / Mathew Farrell


1.30pm – 2.30pm “Tasmania’s Parks – a place to connect” Short Film Competition
Mt Field National Park 3.00min Beatrice Thurston-Regan
A Journey to Tasmanian Parks 3.00min Edy Setyawan
Get out and Love Tassie BOFA Film Festival 2016 3.00min Chelsea Rogers
Looking for Nevers 3.00min Nick Nairn-Smith
Come to Your Senses 3.00min Micah Landon-Lane
Woodvine 3.00min Pauline Marsh / Joe Shemesh
Tasmanian Grown 3.00min Marcelo Cardona
Tasmania, a place to connect 3.00min Gregory Naud
The Understory 2.50min Simon Treweek
The Edge of the Earth 3.00min Simon Treweek
Connecting the map 2.30min Michelle Tadros
Alternate Connection 1.50min Damon Heather
Mt Mawson Ski Season Opening 2015 2.30min Katherine Davis
One hour from Madness to Joy 3.00min Angela Retchford
Tasmania National Parks by Bike – East Coast 3.00min Kim Carver
Walking the Wildness 3.00min Michael Keane


3.00pmm – 5.00pm Aussie BOFA Short Film Competition (Part 2)
Best Friends 6.50min Jane Howard / Rogan Brown
Paper Garments for the Grave 15.00min Natasha Foster
The Good Room 8.00min Jane Howard / Rogan Brown
Coffeehead 7.00min Trent Baumann
Chemical Ocean 4.00min Jordy Gregg / David Pyefinch
Taxi Music 5.40 Troy Melville
Cracked 6.00min Claudia Holmes
Nulton 6.00min David Pyefinch / Cathy Allen
The Conquest of Emmie 11.40min Pauline Marsh / Paul Moran
Harry Tadpole 7.20min Isabelle Allen
Bereft 4.30min Nigel Curtain-Smith / Eliza Goddard
The Festival 6.00min Jack Weltman-Jansen / Mark Thomson
Kirsten’s Story 13.00min Karen Rogers
Invisible (Silent Hunter) 8.50min Michael Cannon