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Online Is Real Fine

By May 6, 2021May 7th, 2021News

BOFA Film Festival is proudly Tasmania’s film festival and we are understandably lovers of all things Tasmanian. So, we figured that being online and reaching out to discerning film lovers like you around Tasmania and the whole of Australia we should offer you the best of what Tasmania has to offer.

We’ve picked the best wine, spirits and food producers, the best places to stay while you enjoy Tasmania, the best producers of artisanal and other products as well as the best providers of uniquely Tasmanian experiences.

We call them the Icons of Tasmania… and they are now live on our website.

For a start now that winter is chilling the air, why not inspect our range of fine Tasmanian gins and whiskey for an evening tipple while you watch an online film.

And if you didn’t get your Free Online film Festival access code it is: BOFA2021FREE Valid until May 30th.

Once you’ve chosen a film to watch from the online program scroll down below the descriptions and trailer, then when you come to WATCH just enter the password… and away you go.

If you have friends, family or colleagues who are not a subscriber already, just get them to complete the newsletter sign up form to get the code themselves.


Here’s three more recommendations!


Imagine being partially sighted and the challenges of just walking down the street to the corner store. Even with a guide dog and other aids it would be hard. Now ramp that up many notches and imagine climbing one of Britain’s most difficult rock faces, the 137 metre Old Man of Hoy, and you have Climbing Blind. Using his fiancée Molly as a pair of talking eyes, Jesse Dufton inches his way up sheer faces over the boiling Atlantic surf, using his intuition, skill, and utter confidence in Molly’s instructions. True grit!


Our screens are full of the bravery of ordinary citizens protesting injustice in the cities and towns of Myanmar, in downtown Hong Kong and in the grim inner suburbs of the USA. The Boys Who Said No covers the treatment of the draft objectors during the Vietnam War who refused to go, the arguments they gave for their reasons, and the high profile support they got from many quarters. “Most people can make themselves heard. They can just stop being silent,” says one of the jailed objectors. Timely.


Crescendo showcases another type of courage, the courage to try and make a difference through music. Based on a real-life musical bridge-building effort by Daniel Barenboim’s West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, this fine feature film follows young Israeli and a Palestinian musicians as they try to overcome the entrenched hatreds of that troubled region in order to play together. The film exposes a multitude of racial, religious, political, ego-driven and romantic layers that can drive young people apart, but brings a glimmer of hope to its conclusion. Inspiring music, inspiring hope.


We hope you enjoy our FREE online film festival. Funding this is never easy with corporate and government supporters less able to help due to Covid demands. We’d greatly appreciate YOUR help with any amount small or large. Donations are tax deductible through the Australian Cultural Fund – Free Online Film Festival.

Many thanks.

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