#letsBOFA…. Let’s Eat and Drink!

By May 2, 2020News

Thanks for being part of the BOFA Online Film Festival. People all around Australia  have taken us to their hearts – from the east coast to the west, from NT to Tassie. So welcome to BOFA 2020… and #letsBOFA!

All the films are on our website, so go to 2020 Festival Program, browse the line-up under the 5 themes and when you’ve chosen a film e.g. Back to Burgundy start viewing by scrolling to the bottom of the page related to that film where you’ll see WATCH. Insert the code 10years and off you go.

NOTE: if you have any issues connecting your phone, iPad, computer etc to a Smart TV the best solution is to ask Google making sure to mention what you are wanting to connect to what. Or call your Smart TV retailer and ask one of their specialists.

We’re pretty excited and a little anxious about this new online film festival. So, who better to calm our nerves than Fermentasmania, the experts in the art of making and enjoying fine artisanal breads, fine wines, flavoursome miso, great beer, delicious cheeses and refreshing kombucha,. Thanks guys.

Here’s a quick rundown of the three films from our Eat and Drink section of BOFA that is LIVE NOW until 17th May.

Kick back and enjoy

Check out these great films about producing, eating and drinking nature’s gifts.

Wine Calling  mixes a handful of alternative thinkers, some veteran exponents of the bacchic art, a strong sense of community and the ability to make mistakes and Voila! Bienvenu! to the new wave of French organic winemakers.

Soufra is all about the power of food to bring community together and the power of determined refugee women to build a food truck business at all odds. Inspiring!

Back to Burgundy is a great film to watch with a wine in hand – and some good soft cheese nearby. A visually stunning family saga set among Burgundy villages, vineyards and winemaking. Let’s eat… and let’s drink!

#letsBOFA separately – but together!

Although we sadly can’t have any actual tastings, why not join us online on SUNDAY 3 MAY AT 4.30PM for a discussion about the power of women and food to help create real positive change in communities  To attend just Zoom in using this link  or an online discussion on  FRIDAY 15TH MAY AT 8.30PM about the joys and challenges of new  and alternative winemaking To attend just Zoom in using this link ! Enjoy.

Psst… we’ve got many other plans for fun, games and crazy stuff. Join us for exclusive premieres, DIY sofa parties and Slow Cinema Sundays™. Stay up to date on Facebook and Instagram. Not a friend yet? Sign up now. #letsBOFA!