In 2016 the Innovative Tasmania Awards expanded to Awards for: Innovative Start-up; Innovative Product; Innovative Science and Technology; Innovative Service; Innovative Process; Innovative Community; Innovative Region; Innovative Environment; Innovative Government; Innovation Leader of the Year; and Young Innovator of the Year.

2016 Award Winners

Winners of  the  2016 Innovative Tasmania Awards are:

  • Innovation Leader of the Year – Tim Jarosz
  • Young Innovator of the Year – Jodie Snooks
  • Innovative Start-up – The Van Diemen Project
  • Innovative Product – NANOPROTECH
  • Innovative Science and Technology – Dr Sukhwinder Singh Sohal
  • Innovative Service – Mode Electrical
  • Innovative Process – Deviant Distillery
  • Innovative Community – Source Kids
  • Innovative Region – George Town Economic Development Group Steering Committee
  • Innovative Environment – Linii Tasmania
  • Innovative Government – City of Launceston

The Innovative Tasmania Awards are proudly presented by  Eaglecrest Technologies, UTAS, NBN, Bellamy’s Organics, Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science, Australian Innovation Research Centre, Bell Bay Aluminium, Anglicare Tasmania, RDA Tasmania Committee, TCCI,  NRM North, Department of State Growth,  the City of Hobart and BOFA in Action.

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The Innovative Tasmania Awards Event

The winners of the 2016 Innovative Tasmania awards were announced on Thursday 27 October at a prestigious event held at Wrest Point Conference Centre, Hobart  in front of an enthusiastic audience of supporters, innovators and innovation agencies. The Awards have grown dramatically since their inception last year with double the number of entries compared to 2015 and more than double the votes cast electronically by  the Tasmanian public, community and commerce.

The Award winners and audience were addressed by Michael Malone, founder of iinet, and the Hon. Craig Laundy MP, the Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science who both stressed that innovation is to be found in every aspect of life not just in technology.

Michael Malone made the point that innovators don’t/can’t stop innovating, mentioning that apart from founding iinet he is involved in a cyber security start up, invests in other innovations, and sits on boards of innovative firms.

The Hon. Craig Laundy MP, the Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science said that the federal government was a committed supporter of innovation nationally. He stressed the importance of the Innovative Tasmania Awards as a means of building confidence in Tasmanian innovation and in building an understanding of the role of innovation in Tasmania.


Innovation Leader of the Year

Tim Jarosz


Young Innovator of the Year

Jodie Snooks

Innovative Start-up

The Van Diemen Project

Innovative Product

Nano Protech


Innovative Science and Technology

Dr Sukhwinder Singh Sohal


Innovative Service

Mode Electrical


Innovative Process

Deviant Distillery


Innovative Community

Source Kids


Innovative Region

George Town Economic Development Group Steering Committee


Innovative Environment

Linii Tasmania


Innovative Government

City of Launceston

The Innovations

01. Innovative Start-up Award
02. Innovative Product Award
03. Innovative Science and Technology Award
04. Innovative Service Award

05. Innovative Process Award
06. Innovative Community Award
07. Innovative Region Award
08. Innovative Environment Award

09. Innovative Government Award
10. Innovation Leader of the Year
11. Young Innovator of the Year


Innovative Start-up Award



Biteable is the “World’s Simplest Video Maker,” the only online video editing platform where users build videos from a library of pre-designed content, so people with no editing skills can quickly and easily make a video that looks like it was produced by a high-budget video production agency. We’ve put thousands of dollars worth of editing skills, footage, animation, music and graphic design into the hands of ordinary people – free (Premium subscribers pay to remove our watermark). We’ve grown from 10,000 to half a million users in the last year and are currently adding 70,000 new users each month from all corners of the globe, including clients such as Westpace, Hilton, Adobe, Australian Tax Office, Roche & BBC.

Get Paid In Bitcoin

Get Paid In Bitcoin is a startup; innovating in the services industry in the bitcoin field. Service providers are an essential part of all financial systems. GPIB has designed and built an interface to automatically identify financial transactions within the existing financial system, linking them to our clients’ instructions and creating corresponding transactions in bitcoin. For the first time ever, an Australian employee can autonomously choose their preferred currency to receive their pay. Development is underway to incorporate further wage related services including superannuation, bill paying and recurring payments. GPIB is currently in pre-launch with 80 registrations to date. Current target market is 50,000 bitcoin users across Australia, expanding to millions as bitcoin adoption grows over the coming years.

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Salamanca Dental

The nature of our innovation is our service experience.
We have turned the orthodox approach to dentistry on its head. No longer does your dental check up need to be something you dread, instead, it is something you can smile about. Smiles are infectious, and receiving one can make a huge positive impact on your day. Our service experience is filled with touch points to make our patients smile from the inside and out, when they are visiting our practice, and in-between checkups. Our innovative approach to dentistry is impacting the way competitors go to market in Tasmania, and anecdotally in Australia. The old model of service isn’t cutting it in the market place, warmth and positivity is the future.

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Rhuby Delights

Rhuby Delights and Rhuby Creations have all been launched in the past 15 months. Rhuby Delights are Freeze Dried Rhubarb coated in Chocolate and have 4 varieties, Original, with a hint of Orange, Lime and Ginger. Rhuby Delights are the first of its kind in the World. Rhuby Creations are Freeze Dried Strawberries coated in Chocolate, Coffee Beans and Sultanas coated in Chocolate and a Hot Chocolate and Rhubarb. Rhuby Products are stocked throughout Tasmanian and now in various stores in Victoria, ACT and NSW. Rhuby Delights recently attended the Indulge Coffee and Chocolate Expo in Canberra and is to be a Featured Exhibitor at this year’s Royal Melbourne Show. All Rhuby products are Dairy, Gluten and Nut Free.


Sealasash is a service that offers draught sealing, repairs and re-glazing for old wooden windows and doors. The innovation – use of new / existing materials and skills to solve a widespread problem – an unrivalled service in Australia. Sealasash provides a complete package that makes old wooden windows work properly, often better than new. It offers a way to significantly reduce draughts, dust, noise, lower heating / cooling costs and improve building comfort. It allows building owners to save the architectural attributes of wooden sash windows, important for both heritage and environment. With growing awareness that old windows don’t need to be ripped out and can be saved, Sealasash are in demand in Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

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The Van Diemen Project

Empowering Tasmanian entrepreneurs to do great things globally. The Van Diemen Project, Tasmania’s first business accelerator program helps innovative business owners build their business, through a unique business accelerator program designed to help start-ups launch and existing businesses grow. We help all participating business scale and achieve their goals. We leverage off our mentor’s experience and networks, helping business owners build highly investable, scalable and saleable businesses. Through a rigorous and competitive application process business owners are selected to move into a collaborative business environment, where they spend thirteen weeks developing, growing and implementing their business strategy. On graduation of the program we continue to maintain close ties with our participants, mentoring and guiding to long term success.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovative Start-up Award

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Innovative Product Award


Aboriginal Story Map

The Aboriginal Story Map presents information about Aboriginal Tasmania using an interactive map, purpose designed to enable residents and tourists to access the fascinating history of places, people and events. The first of its kind in the state, the web-based resource provides a virtual tour of Aboriginal Tasmania. This resource is unique by providing a visual portal to previously uncollated information resources allowing access to events, places and people, groups, organisations of historical and cultural importance, some of which may not have been told. The story map provides greater access to a wider audience looking to learn more about Tasmania’s Aboriginal history. The story map is readily accessible via mobile phone, iPad or computer.

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Aluminium Safety Cover

This invention is an access solution that considers safety for access to voids such as pits and pump stations. The safety access cover has an integral fall arrestor grate system to enable visual inspections of the void without exposing the operator to the void. Furthermore the fall arrestor is designed to fold up into a four sided barricade should the void need to be opened which ensures the safety of operators and the public alike. It avoids the issue of needing to erect a separate barricade system on site and actually forces the operator to put up a barricade if needing to open the void. The invention has been well received with Water Authorities in Tasmania and mainland states.

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Bridestowe Estate Bobbie

Bridestowe Estate created “Bobbie” the Lavender and wheat filled microwaveable bear. Following an innovative and often sensational marketing campaign, Bobbie is now an internationally recognised Tasmanian icon. Bobbie is not sold outside Australia and predominantly from Bridestowe Estate at Nabowla. 10 small movies “The Adventures of Bobbie the Bear” were filmed at Bridestowe Estate and are now distributed internationally by ABC. The movies are shown on Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Air Vietnam, P&O Pacific Cruises, Virgin, on Thai Television and in Scandinavian countries. Bobbie was the face of the ABC’s launch of their China portal and is the ambassador for safe driving in Tasmania. Bridestowe Estate is now a “must visit” destination for visitors to Australia and has brought a surge in interest in tourism to North East Tasmania.

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Home Efficiency Group

The HEG Air™ system is a modularized, residential air distribution system that enables the householder to distribute warm and cool air, introduce ventilation, recover free solar gain in the roof cavity, control window condensation (3 year guarantee) and mould, filter air and balance air temperatures within their home. HEG Air™ fills a gap between a ducted heating system (expensive) and a standalone living room heater (doesn’t heat bedrooms), interoperating with any living room heater. Modules can be added over time once the core system is in place. In Tasmania, it has improved comfort levels in households whilst reducing energy consumption. A DIY 24V version of the controller is being developed with an enhanced cooling function to allow Australia-wide sales.

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Home+ is a ready for production building method. Home+ allows the same presentation choice as traditional methods but uses fewer trades, fewer materials and less labour. It achieves a constant comfort moderate thermal mass home at a building code minimum ★ low thermal mass price, creates about 5-7% more usable floor area and offers a safer building process. 100+ years durable, Home+ resists bushfires, termites, vermin, birds, insects, rust, UV sunlight, wind driven rain, tenant rage and air leaks. Complete with engineering endorsement and thermal assessment, Home+ is simple cutting and assembly using cheap, certified, readily available Australian made materials. It is ideal for fabrication on-site or in a workshop, and for low or high volume production.

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Nano Protech

Absolutely innovative, NANOPROTECH products bring cutting edge nanotechnology to the Australian home, business and industry. NANOPROTECH is a global brand with proven track record, available for the first time in Australia, through an innovative team of business professionals and entrepreneurs, based in Hobart, Tasmania. NANOPROTECH products have unique properties which are markedly superior to the old technology of petroleum-based lubricant products. NANOPROTECH provides superior long-lasting protection from the damaging effects of moisture and corrosion, even in saltwater and acid conditions, and this has been proved in independent testing laboratories. For more information, visit

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Naturale Lyt Spreadable Butter

Most dairy spreads are made by blending vegetable oils into butter, the result is a compromise between convenience, a product that is spreadable at refrigerator temperature, and taste.

However a farmer in North East Tasmania has developed an innovative feeding strategy that enables the production of soft butter from pure milk, no additives required. The procedure involves a modified dietary strategy for the dairy cows and the inclusion of a unique but healthy livestock feed that is manufactured on farm. This enables the cow to incorporate less saturated fat into her milk fat and a greater degree of unsaturated fat. Butter that is made from the resultant milk spreads perfectly at fridge temperature, and most importantly, tastes delicious!


The Mathematics Book

According to OECD data, over half of Australian adults do not have the maths skills necessary for modern life. The aim of THE MATHEMATICS BOOK… anyone can do it! is to make maths accessible to these adults. It presents mathematics in a unique way…. a how-to-do-it text blended with a beautiful coffee table book. Hundreds of illustrations, poetry, and music enhance key points. (A music CD is available.) It enables readers to master fundamental numeracy skills such as percentages and metric units. But it also provides a global perspective and shows the pivotal role of maths in society. Since its May launch, the book is already being used in 500 Tasmanian homes and schools, and in a TAFE course.

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Seafarm System

A new offshore aquaculture pen system. Professional engineering design and fabrication management combine to deliver an injection moulded offshore fish pen system that will withstand more extreme water conditions, provide enhanced predator protection, and significant improvements in workplace health and safety (WHS). The design raises the standard in its class by delivering;

  • stronger more durable fish farm pen stanchions,
  • interchangeable, flexing moulded walkways
  • above water, outer collar predator fence.

Our innovation is the new benchmark offshore farming system with homogeneous components for lower life cycle cost and features that are unique to this design, all manufactured to relevant Australian and International Standards.

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Vain Terrain

After 4-years of development, Vain Terrain has developed a number of consumer garden products including our nomination – Fence Privacy Screens and Creeping Plant Panels. Our panels represent a high quality option to low quality-manufactured imports with markets currently opening up on the mainland. Vain Terrain’s innovation is to harness manufacturing techniques developed and honed in the mining boom, coupled with industrial design principles and state of the art technology, to transition from manufacturing B2B commodity products into a customer driven future in the FMCG sector. The impact is to ensure that manufacturing remains strong in Burnie and consumer products are exported from Tasmania – rather than manufacturing skills, jobs and capital.

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Westhaven Dairy Omega 3 Yoghurt

Westhaven Dairy has teamed up with Geoff Cox a dairy farmer from the North East of Tasmania. In conjunction we have developed an Omega 3 Yoghurt. This product is made from pure milk, enhanced with Omega 3. There are no sensory changes in the milk and the only change is a slightly altered fatty acid profile when compared to standard milk. We can make the claim a “Good serve of Omega 3 Oil” in every serve…..a level of 60mg/serve is realised.


Wood-Concrete-Filled Steel Columns

The innovation is: “Wood-Filled or Wood-Concrete-Filled Steel Columns (WCFC)”. I designed WCFC columns, whereby the usage of wood inside hollow or concrete-filled steel columns is proposed. WCFC optimally employs the compressive capacity of the wood, which is quite comparable to other equivalent materials. Thus, the ratio of capacity to weight, and the total cost enhance compared to single-material columns. Impact of WCFC in Tasmania/Australia: WCFC leads to (1) usage of local materials (Tasmanian wood) with lower price than equivalent materials; (2) a lightweight yet stronger composite; (3) easier connection (welding, etc) after confinement by steel, more uniform, and aesthetic member; (4) more stability in fire/bushfire rather than single-material columns; (5) environmentally friendly member (Tasmanian wood) comparing to concrete/steel.

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Marine Safety Pod

MSP has a demonstrated life saving capacity already saving multiple lives in Tasmania and around the world. This is an important innovation as the inventor observed numerous incidents where safety equipment would become inaccessible in emergency situations, and lives were being lost. MSP places the critical safety equipment at point of use with life saving outcomes already being achieved.

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The AquaTruck range of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) workboats has created a new standard in durability and comfort. The highlighted product is a 10m barge with beam of 3 meters and open deck ideal for working on the water. A textured non-skid HDPE deck a new addition to the AquaTruck offering. HDPE provides significant advantages for its longevity, lack of maintenance and resilience to the harsh Australian sun.

The Auqtruck range have provided the Tasmanian aquaculture industry with the work platform to allow them to continue to operate in adverse weather, and lowered the overall capital cost of its vessel fleet due to lifecycle benefits of HDPE.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovative Product Award

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Innovative Science and Technology Award


VITAL Online

Consistent, clear and easy-to-understand allergen labelling on manufactured foods is crucial to supporting food allergic consumers in their daily decisions as to which foods are safe for them to eat and which they should avoid. Tasmanian-developed ‘VITAL® Online’ provides the global food industry with the only web-based, standardised allergen risk assessment tool in which the benefit of world-best expert analysis of new allergen science is provided simultaneously to our international user-base. VITAL Online allows food manufacturers worldwide to: Assess likely allergen cross contact sources; Evaluate the amount of allergen present; Review options to reduce allergenic material; and then, if needed, to provide consumers with consistent, clear and easy-to-understand allergen labelling advice using the precautionary allergen statement ‘May be present: XXX’.

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Pivot Electronic Ship Navigation Simulator

Our innovation is an Electronic Ship Navigation Simulator used for operational training, risk assessment and navigational safety. Portable, intelligent and scientifically accurate, it sits at the cutting edge of navigation simulation because of the following features:

  • Uses exactly the same hardware and software as seagoing vessels
  • Mathematical ship modelling allows the creation of real-time data which was previously not possible
  • Artificial intelligence programming captures real-time behaviours and responses
  • Simulation environment is real and immersive, with a seamless blurring between simulation and reality

Its impact on Tasmania is significant: An exclusive contract with global partner Furuno to produce simulators in Tasmania for worldwide distribution, with an economic benefit of $47.7m over 5 years. Highlights Maritime Tasmania as an international niche market.

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Smart Buddy

Smart Buddy™ is innovative because it is a paradigm shift.
Smart Buddy™ is secure and does not use the cloud architecture.

Smart Buddy™ is bi-directional and enables real-time streaming in an emergency situation. It brings a new dimension to communication and co-operative collaboration because it enables the transfer and exchange of knowledge to people and between people – in real time. Smart Buddy™ is used at the Westbury Community Centre to deliver on-boarding, training in standard operating procedures, workplace safety training (WHS), chemical safety and much more.

Examples of ground breaking improvements derived from the use of Smart Buddy™

Hazard – Incident – Accident Reporting:
Smart Checklists:
Internal secure messaging system:
Bi-directional wound management for Rural Remote nursing and accident reporting.

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Dr Sukhwinder Singh Sohal

Lung cancer is common in smokers, especially in those with COPD (Chronic Bronchitis). This work has shown a new mechanism linking these conditions which are both exceptionally common in Tasmania. Smoking-related lung diseases impose a huge cost on the local community. We have found that the airway lining is reprogrammed by smoking to do lethal damage, including destruction of small airways and also promoting cancer. We have shown that this cell “plasticity” can respond to therapy and so we could potentially reduce lung cancer risk in smokers and ex-smokers. This work has brought a paradigm shift in thinking about prevention of COPD and lung cancer both in Tasmania and worldwide. This work was recently awarded by the American Thoracic Society.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovative Science and Technology Award

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Innovative Service Award


Business Action Learning Tasmania

Business Action Learning Tasmania, (BALT) is an un-incorporated industry-based interest group. BALT’s objective is to support self-reliant industry development with diverse companies cooperating to improve their profitability, develop their people and grow the Tasmanian economy.

BALT is built on three pillars:

– collaborative action learning,
– achieving important business outcomes, and
– the awarding of nationally recognised qualifications.

This is achieved through running programs to implement real business improvement projects with groups of local companies.

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Live Clarence

Live Clarence is a website to help residents get healthy, active and involved in the City of Clarence. The website,, is a vibrant hub of health and wellbeing information, services and resources found in and around Clarence. It gives not-for-profit community groups and organisations the opportunity to promote events and activities on the website for free.
Live Clarence is enhanced by an e-newsletter and social media, providing a friendly environment to inform and encourage people to share stories and insights. Since its launch in November 2015, Live Clarence has developed positive connections between residents, council and community groups. It is a conduit for information to increase awareness but empower residents to improve and achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

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The platform is an innovative way to service an existing market whilst also adding a value proposition for people and business growing and selling. No other platform allows users to connect, grow, buy and sell plant life or produce in this way. You could be a no spray fruit and vege grower or a niche supplier of Tasmanian natives or a school child looking to set up an ecommerce shop and sell from your harvest or a pensioner selling from your land. This will connect growers and gardeners right from produce to bonsai to cacti in a way not done before.

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Illuminate Education and Consulting

Illuminate Education and Consulting has bought an innovative approach to entrepreneurship education, where students explore the process of starting their own business in a short five day program. The illuminate:nextgen Challenge explores this in an authentic experience, and one where students look at solving problems in their community using technology and techniques that are relevant right now, including digital technologies, social media marketing and collaborative online presentations. After being run in Tasmania since 2011, communities across Australia are seeking the same opportunity for their youth, with international interest for future years as well – forever opening up entrepreneurship and small business ownership for the next generation.

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Meet Your Match

My name is Renae, I had the idea of starting Speed Dating as a service in Tasmania 7 years ago whilst studying events management in Hobart Tasmania, I believe the time is now to make a change in the community from online dating to face to face dating and socializing. I am creating hope for those who have given up on meeting new people and the chance to start again.

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Mode Electrical

We design and build portable power stations any size for any application. This year we built a complete solar power system in a shipping container that was designed, built and commissioned here in Tasmania before being shipped to a remote town in South Sudan that doesn’t have grid power. The system included a ground mounted solar array with 154 solar modules, 12,000 kg of batteries, inverters, controls, switchboards and site cabling. The system now powers a remote hospital serving 100 patients each day without the need for a diesel generator backup. The system runs fully autonomously and is remotely monitored and controlled from our office in Launceston. We have seen firsthand how reliable power 24/7 literally does save lives.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovative Service Award

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Innovative Process Award


COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

Arts Tasmania’s COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme offers Australian residents twelve month, interest-free loans to purchase artworks by contemporary Tasmanian artists from arts businesses across the state. The Scheme benefits the customer, the business and the artist, plus, the loan is repaid to the Government within 12 months. It is an innovative, market driven scheme that has resulted in increased sales for Tasmanian artists and sustainability for arts businesses. Since its launch in November 2008, 3 558 artworks have been purchased with $9 074 671 provided in loans. It is the only government scheme of its kind in Australia and has stimulated the export of Tasmanian art and development of new markets with approximately 30% of artworks purchased by interstate collectors.

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Daisy Fresh Professional Dry Cleaners

We developed a water tank collection system to enable reuse of 100% of the water that cools our dry cleaning machines. Heated water from the system is diverted to the gas hot water system via a header tank, which is also heated by spent steam from the boiler. The water diverted to the tank is then cooled for use in our washing machines, hand basins and to flush the toilet. The innovation eliminates the need for expensive chillers and the health hazards of cooling towers, in the process reducing our water usage by 74% with huge power savings also. We have made the information readily available and this process is being taken up by drycleaners across the country.

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Deviant Distillery

Tasmania’s newest distillery can make a ten year old whisky in just two weeks. After a year of scientific research, Tasmanian John Hyslop, a distiller and former chemical services engineer, has produced pioneering advance maturation technology that speeds up the natural whisky-ageing process. By implementing this technology, the distillery can recreate the natural barrel ageing process in a fraction of the time without the need for any extra ingredients or additives. This technology will allow Deviant Distillery to meet the high demand for quality Tasmanian whisky and aid them in their quest to become Australia’s first ‘energy neutral’ and ‘waste free’ distillery. Led by business manager Gilda Sorella, this distillery will be a unique addition to the local industry.

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Dry Ideas

Tasmania consumes 225 tonnes of imported tea a year and Dry Ideas has discovered how to grow tea in Tasmania and how to process cool climate tea. Tea is normally grown in the tropics and methods for it to be successfully and sustainably grown in Tasmania were developed. Current processing methods, optimised for tropical tea, are not suitable for Tasmanian tea and methods were developed to maintain the special flavours of cool climate tea as desired by Tasmanian tea drinkers. Sales of Tasmanian grown tea reach local, interstate and international consumers increasing Tasmania’s finances and food reputation. Dry Ideas nurtures new growers in establishing their tea gardens to develop a new industry for Tasmania with touristic potential, ‘the Tea Trail’.

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Tourism Tracking Project

Over the summer of 2016 a team of researchers funded by Sense-T created a tourist tracking app that tracked 472 tourists’ complete trips to Tasmania. This is a global first: never before has any project successfully tracked so many tourists over an entire region, for such long periods. The app collected data points every 10 seconds and delivered pop-up surveys to participants to collect demographic data. These two data sets were then overlaid to understand behaviour of different cohorts. This project determines actual movement in real-time and bypasses the need to rely on participants’ recollections of behaviour. Insights gained include who goes where, for how long and by what route and will be invaluable for government and tourism industry decision-making.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovative Process Award

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Innovative Community Award


Aussie Helpers Tasmania

Brian Egan, and Aussie Helpers volunteers have been working with Tasmanian farmers affected by the recent floods and the drastic drop in milk prices. Aussie Helpers have spent $100,000 on feed so far and it really hasn’t touched the sides. Also fixing fences and property damage. Ridley’s, through Aussie Helpers, have come up with a plan to help supply farmers in Tasmania with $50,000 worth of their product, their hay extender, which is a fantastic gesture. Of the 50 Tasmanian farmers Aussie Helpers had visited in the last three weeks, about go per cent needed more help. Aussie Helpers budgeted $250,000 to spend in Tasmania but think it will be double that at least.



THRIVE which stands for Transforming Health Relationships Innovation Vocation and Education, is a joint initiative between St Helens Neighbourhood House, Break O’Day Council and St Helens District High School. This transformative framework is the result of community consultation conducted in September 2014 which identified low year 12 results and a spectrum of social determinants to health such as Transport, Employment, Early Childhood, Food Security, Lifestyle Choices, Mental Health, and Environment and so on, affecting our community. The basis of the initiative is for all parties to work collaboratively together with key stakeholders and service providers to assist with the goals of the various THRIVE programs. The programs encompass, training, mentorship, mental health and social enterprise..

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Browns Supa IGA

I have committed to putting my team through Mental First Aide training/accreditation. More than 30% of my current team have completed the training. Work place mental health issues are a concern and by putting an idea in place to help with the solution it becomes an innovative answer. It’s innovative to have your team aware of the daily battles our fellow workers may be struggling with. It provides trust, compassion and a respectful work environment. Then we put in place strategies to allow them to grow and feel valued. Browns was the 2015 recipient of the Lifeline Tasmania “Best Practice – Business and Enterprise LIFE Award and has received the National Life Award for Suicide Prevention in the Workplace in Canberra.

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The aWAKE BEFORE DEATH project was designed to engage people of all ages and abilities to promote and educate others about end-of-life planning, an important topic often not talked about in society. The collation of stories, music and the arts, were used to build knowledge, awareness and understanding across the Tasmanian community of this important issue. Community members of a variety of ages were given the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about death, grief, end-of-life planning in a safe and supportive environment, with these conversations captured on film to inspire others. A website and a suite of free and flexible educational and training resources were developed and are being disseminated locally in Clarence, Tasmania, Australia-wide and globally.

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CoWork Launceston

Cowork Launceston is a coworking space providing cost effective, 21st century working community for entrepreneurs, remote workers and small businesses to work collaboratively in a professional business environment. Cowork Launceston is an innovative space and style of working. As the only coworking space in Northern Tasmania, we provide a space and community of support to small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and remote workers. Collaboratively, we are focused on making Tasmania an innovative community, we do this by:

  • Re-investing any profits we make
  • Partnering with organisations and individuals to deliver entrepreneurial events and programs across Tasmania

Our Bright Ideas Pitch Events are an example of our innovative programs. The pitches provide the opportunity for Innovators to share ideas with the wider community.

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Cradle Coast Innovation

Cradle Coast Innovation is an innovative, community based approach to community innovation! We were established by volunteers from across the north-west coast in 2011, for the sole purpose of fostering a culture of innovation and enterprise in our region. We believed that a people-centred approach to economic development, could add value to what government was already doing. At Cradle Coast Innovation, coaching is as important as advising, referrals are about relationships, and people seeking help with their business or business idea become community members, rather than clients. That is how we have made a real difference to more than 400 businesses and intenders, as well as dozens of students, community leaders and economic development practitioners who have attended our events.


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Geeveston Visitor Centre

The Council assists the volunteer Board of the Geeveston Town Hall Company to achieve a community run not for profit enterprise which provides benefit to the broader community and economic advancement within the region. This is a collaborative relationship between the Council and the Board. The potential closure of the building would have been detrimental to the economic and social aspects of Geeveston. The collaboration has ensured the building is open and available for community use and has reinvigorated the businesses in Geeveston and stimulated the local economy. This collaboration works as a model for other Councils to assist their local communities to achieve projects and ensure economic viability into the future.

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Northern Young Professionals Network

The Northern Young Professionals Network addressed a critical gap in the school-to-career pathway for Tasmania’s young leaders by establishing the Tomorrow’s Leaders event, connecting entrepreneurial young professionals with 230+ students from 12 Tasmanian schools, providing practical advice for Tasmania’s future leaders in creating successful careers.

Why is it innovative?

  • A Tasmanian first: 100% of teachers surveyed agreed Tomorrow’s Leaders was an innovative value-add to the curriculum
  • Event content developed with students
  • Students’ transition from education to employment is unclear without this bottom-up support
  • Funded 100% by donations
  • Opportunity for students to interact with peers and role models

What impact has the innovation had in and out of Tasmania?

  • Students committing to share learnings to non-attendees
  • Interaction with NYPN role models support attendees in career connections
  • Shows what can be done with passion and low budget!
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Source Kids

Source Kids is a Tasmanian innovation that provides relevant, reliable and up-to-date information to parents and carers of children with special needs Australia wide. Source Kids is the first of its kind nationally and presents information through a quarterly magazine as well as a range of digital channels (website, social media, email). Source Kids delivers information about products, services and other topics to provide positive solutions for children with disability. Source Kids’ total reach (nationally) continues to grow from 460,000 in its first year, 750,000 in its second year and set to reach into the millions with a regular monthly reach of 378,700. Source Kids is well received in Tasmania with a strong audience given its roots in the state.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovative Community Award

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Innovative Region Award


GT Economic Development Group Steering Committee

A collaborative commitment to regional economic development at Bell Bay, not seen for the past 60 years!

The innovation is in the collaboration between diverse but likeminded stakeholders from industry, local government and community to create a more resilient regional economy by attracting new industries, better promotion and increasing the capability of existing businesses in the region.

The George Town Economic Development Steering Committee has evolved to develop a strategic approach to increase business and employment opportunities in the region over the next 10-15 years.

The Bell Bay Industrial Precinct Prospectus produced in partnership with the Office of Coordinator General and the George Town Council, softly launched in China by Minister Groom, making Bell Bay, Tasmania’s best promoted industrial precinct.

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SERDA (South East Regional Development Association)

SERDA, comprised of four Councils from the South East region (Clarence, Sorell, Tasman and Glamorgan Spring Bay), has worked innovatively since 2014 to gain greater attention and focus for this growing region.

SERDA developed the South East Economic Infrastructure Development Study (SEEIDS), a 10 year economic infrastructure strategy which harnesses education, infrastructure, development, tourism, health and social information and requirements for the region in one working document. SERDA worked innovatively and collaboratively with partners RDA Tasmania and Tas Irrigation to achieve a positive long term outcome for the region.

SERDA prioritised the upgrade of the Hobart Airport roundabout as a result of the SEEIDS and a commitment has been given by the Federal Coalition Government to upgrade this roundabout.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovative Region Award

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Innovative Environment Award



Envorinex™ collects plastic waste from Tasmania’s agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, mining and industrial businesses, some of which has been stockpiled for over twelve years because until now there has been no environmental pathway for disposal.

Envorinex™ takes this waste, recycles into pellets and re-manufactures into new, innovative products for Tasmanian farmers, councils and the general public.

Envorinex™ is currently the only known Australian company which is collecting, processing and converting rigid plastic waste all under the one roof.

Envorinex™ respects our environment and while this program has huge environmental benefits for Tasmania, it is also sustainable for Envorinex™, it provides employment for Tasmania, it provides closed loop products for Tasmania and it allows the expansion of this innovative program throughout Australia.

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George Town Coastal Mangement Plan

The George Town Coastal Management Plan (GTCMP) aims to preserve the natural values of the coastal region by managing issues in a coordinated manner. The plan covers Coastal and Recreation Reserves extending from Hillwood to Little Pipers River including the coastal townships of Lowhead, Bell Buoy Beach, Beechford, Lulworth, Tam O’Shanter, Weymouth and Bellingham.

The GTCMP is believed to be the first community driven coastal management plan in Tasmania and was developed in collaboration with Parks, Tamar NRM and Council.

Communities within the GTCMP area have been involved with a variety of on-ground activities including re-vegetation projects, weed removal and track maintenance. Building stronger relationships and networks between community groups and management authorities has been essential to the plan’s success.

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Linii Huon Pine Sawdust

Linii Tasmania sells HUON PINE SAWDUST in contemporary boutique packaging to souvenir, home-ware and gift shops across Tasmania and mainland Australia highlighting our brand and Tasmanian ” outside the square thinking” . Sourcing the raw material from accredited timber mills on the West Coast of Tasmania. We use sawdust that is entering the waste stream and has no current tangible end-use. Creating a market and desire for a product under-appreciated given the value and scarcity of solid Huon Pine. Huon Pine is an efficient absorbent of odours in homes and cars, it will deter silverfish in linen and clothing and our product is used to repel fleas and mites in carpets and animal bedding.


Tasmanian Devil Unzoo

The T4C (Tourism for Conservation) Save the Devil Project at Tasmanian Devil Unzoo

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo is harnessing the resource of visiting tourists to finance special night-time cameras and roadside wildlife alarms to help save the last safe natural isolated Tasmanian devil population in the world (the wild devils of Tasman Peninsula).

Instead of relying on Government the T4C project runs special Devil Tracker tours to raise funds.

The project is playing a key role in ensuring the Peninsula is free of Tasmanian devil cancer and removing the secondary threat of road kill by supplying Night Owl alarms to frighten devils away from highways at night while also growing tourism for the benefit of the Peninsula community.

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Veolia is one of the leading waste management companies in Tasmania. Veolia has managed major remediation programs that have removed pollution and restored contaminated land across Tasmania. This has included the development of best practice solutions for the treatment of contaminated soil waste from former industrial sites. Veolia’s solidification/stabilisation process utilises cement and chemical additives to treat contaminated soil by reducing the toxicity of contaminants. It treats heavy metal contaminated soils to a higher level than other processes. This represents significant cost savings for our clients, restores land previously abandoned for re-use by people as brownfields redevelopment, public open space or for ecosystems. The wider benefits of this are reducing impact of contaminated sites on the environment and the public.

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Valley Workshop

Our product is an environmentally sustainable structural insulated panel for use in the building industry. Our work is wholly Tasmanian. We design and certify for our own projects and for the use of other architects. Our SIP is the first in Australia to be free of polystyrene. It has an outer skin of Tasmanian hardwood plywood, sourced locally and uses smaller logs from plantation forests. The internal structural members are a hardwood plywood grillage system and earth wool. Floor panels have large spans, reducing footings and ecological footprint. Roof panels have large spans and R values. Construction time onsite is greatly reduced. Heating and cooling costs for the life cycle of the home are minimised.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovative Environment Award

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Innovative Government Award


The City of Launceston

During June 2016, Launceston experienced its largest flood threat in decades.

The Council launched an innovative communications strategy to provide information, advice and educational material to the Northern Tasmanian community. Utilising social media, video and photography, the Council opened up an unprecedented behind-the-scenes view of its flood response, and used simple materials like balloons and ‘100s & 1000s’ to demonstrate complex flood concepts. We embedded Launceston photographer Rob Burnett with our crews, and independently produced wide-ranging video content to show how Launceston’s river systems impact each other, how our flood gates work, and how we predict and monitor flood threats.

Between June 6 and June 13, our posts reached 35 million people, and our videos were viewed 658,630 times.

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Tasmanian Arts Guide

The Tasmanian Arts Guide is an online cultural tourism guide developed by Arts Tasmania. It’s the first website in the country to aggregate the best arts events, creative places to go, profiles of professional artists and designers across an entire state.

The website is an innovative partnership between industry and government which supports the suppliers of arts experiences and drives demand for those experiences in the visitor economy. The website has enabled Tasmanian artists and arts organisations to increase the markets for their cultural events and products, increase their digital footprint providing an easy to use service that has enabled, through collaboration, a platform to communicate a critical mass of arts and cultural content to a specific and targeted market.

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One State, One System, One Solution

iplan is opening up the often complex world of land use and development to everyone. A simple and innovative platform has been created to deliver a single resource for Tasmanian planning information, accessible when and where you need it, through a user-friendly website.

In partnership with Tasmanian councils, we are leading the nation with delivering digital planning rules, integrated with the State’s mapping system. Enter a property address and find out what rules apply, track the progress of rule changes and other planning reviews and make an online submission.

We’ve created a simpler, faster, fairer, cheaper way to deliver planning information about Tasmania for Tasmanians.

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Early Access to Defibrillation Program (EADP)

The Early Access to Defibrillation Program is a nation first initiative of Ambulance Tasmania. The purpose of the program is to decrease time to defibrillation and increase likelihood of survival in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) patients. When a suspected cardiac arrest ‘000’ call is received, the registered owner of an automated external defibrillator (AED), in the vicinity of the incident, is notified and can take their AED to the patient and help save a life, prior to the ambulance arriving. No other ambulance service in Australia has the capacity to notify AED owners of an OHCA. 660 AEDs are now registered with the EADP. The system has been used 32 times since June 2014, with many lives saved.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovative Government Award

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Innovation Leader of the Year


Leigh Carmichael

In the world of arts and culture, there are few establishments that consistently challenge, provoke, engage and break new ground. The Museum of Old and New Art, Mona, in Hobart, Tasmania has redefined what it is to be cutting edge, giving more than two million visitors an incredible and often confronting museum experience. Within only five short years, it has become more than just a space for art and antiquities: it is a brand empire – a completely unique style all of its own.

Leading Mona’s evolution, alongside founder David Walsh, is Leigh Carmichael. Since joining forces with Walsh in the mid-millennium, Leigh has been responsible for refining and executing Walsh’s vision and creative genius in the role of Creative Director of Mona and its winter festival, Dark Mofo.

Leigh is the founder and creative director of Dark Mofo, which is now Tasmania’s largest festival.

Dark Mofo: a strangely beautiful town becomes deliciously deranged

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Tim Jarosz

Tim Jarosz moved to Launceston from NSW in 2008, at 21 years old, foreseeing a gap in the local market for roasting specialty coffee; this saw the start of Ritual Coffee which is found in many cafes and based at the local Harvest Market. 5 years in to roasting coffee, Tim joined forces with his brother in law, to open Saint John Craft Beer foreseeing another gap in Launceston’s bar scene, thirsty for some quality beer in the North. Soon enough Tim unearthed another opportunity, going on to create the first ever festival in Australia to feature first harvest ales centred around a local hop harvest, and an innovative strategy to attract tourists to Northern Tasmania in Autumn.

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Tohid Ghanbari Ghazijahani

My name is Tohid a PhD student at the University of Tasmania and I am the innovator of a number of structural elements. I hold an Australian Innovation Patent and two patents overseas. I also hold YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD presented by Springer, Germany. I have greatly contributed to the Tasmanian research projects. I published 17 journal papers all ranked as A*/A as attested by Excellence in Research for Australia. Each published paper is about an innovative idea originated in Tasmania. I validated my ideas by experiments conducted in the laboratory of the University. As an example, since the usage of Tasmanian timber is quite widespread, I designed a lightweight, economical yet strong section, entitled Timber Beams Strengthened with U-shape Steel and CFRP.

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What’s your top innovation for the Innovation Leader of the Year

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


Young Innovator of the Year


Jodie Snooks

Jodie Snooks has built her handmade design label The House of J over the past 6-years. With a passion for creativity, design, creating and a will to stimulate the Tasmanian economy, she developed a platform to showcase other design labels. ‘& Co’ is a pop-up shop for premium makers, designers and artisans within Tasmania. These small brands collaborate together to form boutique pop-up Shops in various shopping centres. The idea is to expose the everyday consumer who wouldn’t normally attend markets or craft fairs to the incredible array of labels, products and designers we have in Tasmania. Based on our local success, this innovation will be expanded by launching interstate pop-ups in the near future.

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Adam Mostogl

Adam Mostogl founded illuminate Education & Consulting in 2010 to open the field of small business and entrepreneurship to every single Tasmanian, primarily through the school-based illuminate:nextgen Challenge which he designed. Since then, Adam has inspired over 2200 students to start their own business in various school programs, inspired communities (especially Tasmania’s West Coast) to embrace innovation and the new world of work, challenged countless organisations to raise their aspirations through speaking at events and serving on community and advisory boards, and helped businesses of all sizes embrace the digital age. While Adam works across Australia educating our youth, he is still focused on offering a helping hand to every single young person in Tasmania, no matter where they live.

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Mark Yates

Classical music has brought joy to millions, but many people don’t realise electric versions of orchestral instruments exist. I was not satisfied with what was already created, so I combined my love for woodwork with my musical passion and designed an electric cello that allowed me to participate in different musical styles. I aim to inspire people to see that there is always room to push boundaries and be different, just as I pushed to escape the ‘normal’ perceptions of a cello. I am performing the electric cello around Hobart and recently entertained art lovers at Rosny College’s art exhibition. My cello, crafted from beautiful Tasmanian Blackwood, promotes Tasmania’s reputation for magnificent timbers, while inspiring others to pursue their passions.

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K. Aksel Waechter

Aksel Waechter is a 2016 University of Tasmania graduate (B. Bus (International Business) and BA (International Relations, Legal Studies). Aksel showed his entrepreneurial streak from early on, with successful small businesses commencing during his first year of university, before taking on management and day-to-day running of his family’s Hobart restaurant for three years. In 2015, Aksel recognised the innovative aspects of NANOPROTECH products, which by then had almost a global reach, and through extensive negotiation secured the exclusive distributorship in Australia and New Zealand. In 2015 Aksel founded Nano Protech Australia with his business partner Steven Wyles. NANOPROTECH has the most innovative nanotechnology-based lubricant, electric insulation and anti-corrosion products available in Australia.

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Hanna Graham

Hanna Graham is a young female innovator. At age 20 she opened the first Paintball business in Tasmanian history. Gun laws loosened and Hanna saw an opportunity to build a fun, active, team orientated business. Revolution Paintball opened on the 28th Feb 2016. 5000 people have since battled it out with friends and family. Now with a second business to open in Hobart Hanna is working tirelessly to cement her place as a leader and key player in the industry. Building strong relationships with Tasmania Police and the firearms community was fundamental to opening this pioneering business that allows people to hire a semi automatic paintball marker, which fires paintballs close to 300 feet per second.

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Oliver Roberts

In a time of low milk price uncertainty, higher red meat prices and tightening terms of trade, there is an increasing need for farmers to effectively manage their feed base to ensure high dairy productivity. ( is an online web application tool originally developed by Oliver Roberts to help him manage his family farm and make strategic pasture management decisions. Oliver is a passionate innovator in the dairy industry and has pursued academic endeavors to increase his knowledge and awareness of sustainable agriculture. is the first tool of its kind to combine ruminant nutrition with the feed base of pasture and is currently supporting a number of Tasmanian dairy farms to reach their full potential.

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Sam Haberle

In 2011 at the age of 27, Sam Haberle founded S. Group as a sole practitioner (Architect). Fast forward 5 years and S. Group has grown to become one of Tasmania’s most innovative, reputable and vibrant design studios, now employing 21 staff across 3 offices! Initially started as an architectural firm, Sam took the innovative step to diversify S. Group which now delivers a range of creative services under the one roof:

Architecture – residential, commercial, educational

Creative – Branding, marketing strategy, web and digital design, graphic design, videography and photography

In 2015 S. Group were recognized nationally on the BRW Fast Starters list, and were also awarded the “Business of the Year” at the Launceston Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence awards.

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Tom Gibbs

VEC Civil Engineering Pty Ltd (VEC) nominate Tom Gibbs for the Young Innovator of the Year Award for his work on the St Pauls Bridge replacement in Avoca. On this project, Tom devised a methodology for the installation of the crossheads of the bridge structure that was ultimately more efficient and safer than the original design concept. Tom analysed the original construction methodology and worked closely with his team to develop a methodology that eliminated the requirement for the workers to be conducting the majority of the works at heights.

Tom has completed several projects for VEC and continues to show his innovativeness in his practical approach to challenges he faces in the construction industry.

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What’s your top innovation for the Young Innovator of the Year

The voting for the Innovative Tasmania Awards is now closed.


In 2016 there are 11 awards:

  • Innovator of the Year Award. Proudly presented by Eaglecrest Technologies
  • Young Innovator of the Year Award. Proudly presented by UTAS
  • Innovative Start-up Award. Proudly presented by NBN
  • Innovative Product Award. Proudly presented by Bellamy’s Organic
  • Innovative Science and Technology Award. Proudly presented by Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science
  • Innovative Service Award. Proudly presented by Australian Innovation Research Centre (AIRC)
  • Innovative Process Award. Proudly presented by Bell Bay Aluminium
  • Innovative Community Award. Proudly presented by Anglicare Tasmania
  • Innovative Region Award. Proudly presented by RDA Tasmania and TCCI
  • Innovative Environment Award. Proudly presented by NRM North
  • Innovative Government Award. Proudly presented by Dept of State Growth

Entry is FREE. See submission details below.

Awards Founders


Awards Partners


Media Partners



Prizes will be 2 minute video vignettes for the winners for their use and for promotion of the role of innovation to the general public. These will be produced to broadcast standard by Southern Cross TV’s professional production crew. The commercial value of these vignettes and airtime is $4,500 each.

These vignettes will be run at the end of the Southern Cross News in December 2016, one per night, acknowledging the role of innovation in Tasmania and the role of sponsors in supporting the Awards and Tasmanian innovation.

Winners receive a very modern, solid aluminium trophy (165mm high x 50mm across each face) with wording engraved through black gloss exposing the silver aluminium finish. They receive also a certificate and a set of laurels.



Innovators (or others nominating them or their innovations, if authorised) simply complete an entry form with a 120 word response to the following questions: What is the nature of the innovation? Why is it innovative? What impact has the innovation had on Tasmania – and more broadly, if appropriate? Entrants must provide one high resolution photo of their innovation or the nominated innovator plus up to four Powerpoint pages of support materials (visuals or written).

Download Entry Form

Send entries to

Terms and Conditions. Nominations open on 15 June and close at midnight on 14 August. Entry is free. Entrants must be organisations owned (in part or full) by Tasmanian(s)and operated in/from Tasmania (and elsewhere, if appropriate). Entrants can only enter in ONE category (even where their innovation applies in several categories). Young innovator nominees must be 35 years of age or younger at time of nomination. Innovative Start ups must have commenced since 1 January 2000, be a new business not a re-badged pre-existing business, altered corporate structure or subsidiary of an existing business, and must be connected to the NBN. ALL innovations are automatically entered in the Awards competition.


From 15 August the website ( will provide details of ALL nominated innovations using the photo and the 120 word answer to the questions requested plus a hyperlink to the support information for anyone wanting to read more. The general public, innovators and any other people who were interested will read through the list and chose ONE top innovation in each category. Rating is open to anyone BUT is limited to one rating per person.

Southern Cross TV, The Mercury, The Examiner and The Advocate will promote the Awards and invite their readers and anyone interested to rate the top innovation from each categories. (Note: Some people may only be interested in one category and could validly vote only for their top innovation in that category.) Ratings will be able to be made until midnight Friday 30 September, 2016.

Awards Presentation

The Awards will be presented at a prestigious event in Hobart at a 5 star venue (site TBC) on the evening of Thursday 27th October.

A high profile key note speaker with a track record in technology or other innovation will address the entrants and audience at the Awards event. The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science has been invited to speak about the Ideas Boom and its role in turning ideas into successful products and how the Australian Government is helping innovators get funding, assisting research and business to work together, and ensuring our kids learn the skills of the future

A professional presenter will conduct the Awards presentations giving each winner a brief chance to speak.

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