DIRECTOR: Paddy Breathnach
UK / 2019

BOFA 2021 Online Film Festival


Staggeringly heartbreaking and beautiful.

-Sunday Independent

Sometimes described as a film about homelessness, this is more a film about the fragility of life, and resilience. Director Paddy Breathnach plots the slamming of doors and options on Rosie (Sarah Greene) and her children as they reel from the shock of being evicted from their cosy Dublin home. Set over a day and a half, the story follows Rosie as she tries to hide the bad news from her kids: “no, we don’t live here any more” is heartbreakingly sad to hear. Tightly, sympathetically yet darkly shot, the film not so much observes as immerses the viewer in the well of sadness and confusion that settles over the family as they realise that, despite living in a first-world country, they will all have to sleep in the car. There is nowhere else; they are utterly out of options. Brilliantly scripted by writer Roddy Doyle, this film delivers a powerful punch to comfortable first world expectations: there but for the Grace of God, go I. A must see.

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