DIRECTORS: Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider
US / 2020

BOFA 2021 Online Film Festival


Through music, you can achieve more powerful things than with politics.

-Aldo López-Gavilán

Two amazing child prodigies, both recognised for their talent. Two brothers, pulled apart by the Cold War, and set on different life paths. One violinist, one pianist; two brilliant musicians. Both are victims of a staccato dance between the US, Russia, belligerent presidents, well-meaning musical patrons and the forces of capitalism. The beauty of this film, beyond its astonishing music, is the slow crescendo to a climactic finale when the two brothers, after decades of individual brilliance, finally come together to play at the Lincoln Center in America. Jarmel and Schneider have composed a master-piece as the brothers Ilmar and Aldo, originally from poor beginnings in Cuba, thread on-off sanctions, travel prohibitions and political whims in order to be together both as family and on stage in America. This isn’t a music documentary; it is a fairy tale that will have you cheering from the aisles as the brothers bring their startling talents to centre stage. Encore!

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