DIRECTOR: Mitzi Goldman

BOFA 2021 Online Film Festival


It’s the small things that make life really good.

-Jeremy Spinak

When one of the most successful political and community-driven young men in Sydney is told he has incurable cancer, he faces some hard truths. Jeremy Spinak realises that unless he does something, his newborn children Grace and Michael will never know or understand the man that helped give them life. Spinak, together with director Mitzi Goldman, produced an incredibly touching and poignant catalogue of what a parent does when he knows his time is limited. We watch helplessly as Spinak sets out to document for his children what drove him, what he cared for. In the process, we gain a terrifying insight into the thinking of a man with only six months to live. You will experience the most gut-wrenching use of music you will ever hear, as he selects the music for his own funeral. You will see a man sink into disillusionment, then death – but see how the power of film can help preserve his bravery, and the thread that bind his family together. Take the tissues.

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