BOFA is proud to welcome RACT Insurance to our band of loyal partners, supporting our Stories of Us theme. BOFA Film Festival’s mantra is “Great Stories Together”, which aligns perfectly with RACT Insurance’s “A Part of Your Tasmanian Story” campaign. RACT Insurance is an iconic Tasmanian organisation concerned with the issues facing their Tasmanian customers. BOFA brings stories of ordinary and extraordinary Tasmanians and others from around Australia to the screen. Great partners!


Once again, BOFA is supported by S. Group, a star studded team of creatives that integrate architecture and marketing services from Launceston, Hobart and Melbourne. A triple threat, coupling their services, philanthropic endeavours and a drive to Chase. Wonder., S. Group has proudly contributed a total of $880,000 to causes close to their heart both locally and globally. 

Underpinned by a desire to optimise their talents to create a world without poverty, S. call on their fancy words like; knowledge, resources and capabilities to create showstopping results for their clients, wow they sound good don’t they.


BOFA has always screened female film makers and films about strong women. In the context of #metoo and the industry surveys on the lack of women in creative roles in the film industry we are proud to have over 50% of our 2019 programme directed by or about Strong Women. These films are brought to you by the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) and the University of Tasmania, Faculty of Law. Both strong supporters of women in Tasmania, Australia and the region!


Multiyear award-winning regional airport, Launceston Airport, again partners with BOFA to bring you World Stories. Launceston Airport has not only been the winner of the Major Airport of the Year for years in a row, but also, in 2018, took out a Gold Tasmanian Tourism Award for the second time. They are the ideal partner to take you to the world, just as BOFA brings World Stories from 17 countries to you here in Tasmania.


Fermentasmania is an industry-led not for profit that aims to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence in the design, production and marketing of fine fermented food, beverages and other products. Humans have been using fermentation for centuries using bacteria, yeast and fungi to create the breads, cheeses, pickles, wines and beers that we love. BOFA uses film to transform the way we eat, drink and live, so we are delighted to welcome Fermentasmania as a new partner in transformation.


Call of the Wild is brought to you by McArthur Financial, a company that is wild about Tasmania and the Tasmanian way of life. McArthur Financial are proud to bring you films of personal challenge from Tasmania and around the world, just as they are committed to helping Tasmanians face their personal challenges along their journey to financial freedom. Simple solutions for a complex - and challenging - world.


TasmaNet has been helping Tasmanians connect to the world, protect data, and adopt innovative ICT since 2004. As a proudly local business, they’re at the forefront of a wave of islanders competing on the world stage with cutting-edge homegrown tech expertise. Who better to bring you these fascinating films on changes in the way we live, look for solutions to problems, bring up our kids, and deal with global issues.


Many of us have been to Bali but too few of us know the richness of the culture of Indonesia more broadly. With a population of 268.5 million (10 times that of Australia) there is much to learn about this fascinating archipelago. This year the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) joins with BOFA to bring you Indonesian Stories. As well, DFAT, in partnership with University of Tasmania, will run an ASEAN conference focused on Indonesia on 17th May as part of BOFA.


We’re screening four classic and well-loved films in quirky settings, with drinks served before, during and after the session. What classic film would you expect to see in a restaurant, a sports store, an army barracks or in a whiskey bar?