Presented by Patrick Doyle Sullivan

Wotif named Launceston the 2022 Best Town to Visit in Australia in their annual Aussie Town of the Year Awards. A major reason for that title is that Launceston has some of the finest early Colonial and Victorian cityscapes plus gracious homes and mansions. So, why not combine a tour of tour of two of these gems,Claremont House and Dowling House, with a glass of bubbles, canapes and a film on great art?

Dowling House is a fine example of 1840’s Georgian architecture, with classic symmetry, original timber joinery and a period garden. It was the home of Henry Dowling, a leading 1800’s figure and brother of colonial artist, Robert Hawker Dowling, who has portraits in the QVMAG, Royal Park.

“The function of art is to struggle against obligation.”

– Modigliani


Saturday 2 – 5pm, 7 May
Dowling House
181 St Johns St, Launceston

Director – Valeria Parisi
Running Time – 90 mins
Drama / Italy / 2020 / Unclassified

Nominee – Master of Art Film Festival 2019

Amadeo Modigliani was a Sephardic Jew from Livorno in Italy with a dream. He wanted to paint. In 1906 he moved to Paris, to work alongside luminaries like Picasso and Toulouse-Lautrec. He certainly painted – some 400 paintings or more – but also established a reputation for wild living soon after arrival. “He was a seducer, an alcoholic but had a natural elegance such as few people do,” says one contemporary. But sadly, life caught up with him and he died of tubercular meningitis at only 35. This film looks at his life through the eyes of his mistress Jeanne Hébuterne. Using contemporary and modern commentary, it is a unique take on his life from Jeanne’s perspective, and shows how Modigliani’s perpetual need to equal the reputations of his fellow artists corroded his world, but at the same time propelled him to global recognition.