As Tasmania is transitioning to a ‘living with COVID-19’ stage, life is returning to normal and restrictions are easing, it is very important that businesses and event organisers continue to adhere to COVID-safety procedures that were introduced over the last couple of years and keep up to date and comply with Public Health advice and regulations. Also, COVID-safe behaviours among members of the community remain a vital part of taking care of themselves and people around them.

Gatherings and events are considered a high-risk activity, with large numbers of people are in attendance, queuing, crowding and mixing, they have to be carefully planned in order to minimise the risks of Covid transmission. Event organisers have a duty of care to their attendees and staff to manage the risks and help to prevent COVID-19 from entering or spreading at an event.

This year BOFA has partnered with a number of venues that have strict COVID-safe procedures in place. During the event each venue’s Covid-Safety plans will be followed. Their regular staff have undergone extensive training over the last couple of years on how to minimise the risk of transmission. BOFA volunteers will be suitable inducted and follow the necessary procedures.

It is important to note, that individual BOFA events are not expected to exceed 250 people indoors (or 500 people) outdoors, which would have the characteristics of a “Small gathering” category, which is considered a lower risk event.


Public health principles

Physical distancing – in order to ensure physical distancing BOFA has taken the following measures:

  • The event tickets are limited and only available online.
    • The numbers of people are controlled and will be kept under the maximum allowed capacity at each venue.
    • The online ticket purchase will ensure the queuing time is shortened to a minimum.
  • All BOFA venues will have posters and or floor markers to ensure physical distancing at 1.5 metres.
  • BOFA volunteers and venue staff will be assisting in ensuring patrons comply with this requirement.
  • Seated events will comply with the requirements specified in the Events Tasmania Framework.
  • Also, as the numbers of patrons are set to be below the max number of people allowed in each venue, there will be an option for the groups to leave considerable spaces between them.
  • Mask wearing is compulsory at UTAS venue. Masks will be available to all patrons at other venues, should they wish to wear them in addition to following the distancing advice.


  • All staff at the venues and BOFA volunteers have been briefed not to attend if they have any cold or flu like symptoms.
  • Posters at the venues as well as email campaigns to event ticket holders will ask them not to come to the event if they feel unwell or if they have been advised to quarantine or self-isolate.
  • The event at UTAS premises will have Health Screening station where temperatures will be checked before entry to the venue is allowed.
  • In other venues, staff and volunteers will have the right to refuse entry to anyone displaying symptoms.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Hand washing facilities are available in all venues.
  • There will also be an adequate supply of hand sanitiser.
  • Since Covid-19 started, all venues have reviewed their cleaning schedules and products used, as well as retrained cleaning staff in order to minimise the risk of transmission.

Other considerations

Contact tracing

  • Patrons will be required to check using the BOFA or venue’s QR code upon entering the venue.
  • BOFA will have contact details of all patrons who purchased the tickets online.


  • BOFA volunteers, including a Covid marshal, as well as each venue staff will be assisting with Covid-safety requirements during each event.


  • As alcohol consumption is a high-risk activity because of the potential to reduce distancing behaviour, up to 100 people indoors or 250 people outdoors are permitted to stand and drink alcohol at any one time. Alcohol will not be served at all event venues. The venues where alcohol is normally sold and consumed will have their processes of controlling the numbers, which will be followed during BOFA events.

Special requirements for the Opening night
as the opening night is held at one of UTAS locations, BOFA will comply with the university’s stringent Covid-Safety requirements, which are:

  • Patrons and Staff will have their temperature taken at the Health Screening station before they will be admitted on-site.
  • Masks are compulsory at the event. Patrons are permitted to remove masks, when drinking or eating.
  • Patrons will only be allowed entry if they can show the proof of their vaccinations.

Review and Information

  • Should Public Health change their advice, BOFA will review their Covid-19 Safety plan to include the latest updates.
  • The updated document will be placed on BOFA website.
  • The patrons who have already purchased the tickets will receive an email informing them of changes.