In  2015 BOFA ran one day Action Sessions on Regional and Community Change. Skills Tasmania was one of the many audience who were impressed with the speakers and the passion to create change led by the community. In 2016 BOFA ran a Smart Cities Action Session and also brought together a panel of community led change experts to paint a picture of a future where community increasingly takes charge of those things that it is passionate about changing.

Since then Skills Tasmania has provided funding for BOFA, in partnership with the Launceston Chamber of Commerce, to create a systematic process for change called Community Led Impact Partnerships (CLIP). This can be seen and used free of charge by going to

BOFA is now using the CLIP process to facilitate CONNECTED LAUNCESTON, to capitalise on the opportunities arising from the fact that Launceston is now Australia’s most digitally connected city/town since the NBN became 100% ready with service to the premises. Launceston has a golden opportunity as it is one of only three cities – and the largest –  that have this status at present.

Action teams have been formed and three specific projects are now underway with the aim of:
1. making Launceston the first giga-city in Australia with internet speeds 100 times faster than the Australian average
2. using e-health methods to improve access and information exchange with patients and medical experts in all parts of the state
3. developing a sophisticated dashboard of data from multiple sensors in a local vineyard as a proto-type for the effective use of ” Internet of Things”

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