Breathtakingly Beautiful Films for the Soul

By April 9, 2021News

We are excited that the tickets are now on sale at Village Cinemas Launceston with exactly 3 weeks until the Launceston in-cinema BOFA film festival and 3 ½ weeks until the free online BOFA film festival (not to forget the Hobart in-cinema from 28-30 May). Book early as there will be many sell-outs!

The festival has already racked up several firsts before it has even started. BOFA 2021 will run for over a month both in-cinema locally and online with a national audience. This makes BOFA the longest duration film festival in Australia and one of very few to run two forms of festival. A breath of fresh air?

Full details at Print programs are now at coffee shops and gathering places around the north of Tasmania
Breathtakingly Beautiful Films for the Soul

BOFA curates films that inspire positive change and which reach your heart – and your mind. Check out these breathtakingly beautiful films for your soul!


Meet the Wallers is a World Premiere Australian film that will make you realise how trite, trivial and contrived Reality TV is. The result of 17 years of fly-on-the-wall filming of an ordinary, optimistic, funny, volatile and often struggling family, the film captures those intimate, often anguished, moments in a marriage that normally remain behind closed doors. Jim Stevens the filmmaker will attend and hold a Q&A at the Launceston screening.


Only a few films get critical raves for being lyrical, beautiful, insightful and one of a kind. The Reason I Jump is one of those. Using a caressing filmic style with a liquid and luscious score, it looks inside the world of autism. While exploring the laughter and tribulations of nonspeaking autistic people, this captivating film offers us a rare insight into their world. A Q &A will be held on the issues at the end of the film in both Hobart and Launceston.


What do you do if you fear your mother is being mistreated in a nursing home? Why, you send for The Mole Agent, of course – a charming octogenarian called Sergio, who uses What’s App and secret cameras to uncover the truth. Though the ladies swoon over him this is no action thriller, rather an insightful, often amusing, tale of what being old is all about.

The Mole Agent is one of five films nominated for Best Documentary at this year’s Oscars.  Awards announced on 26th April – just before BOFA!


BOFA is “a celebration of fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to screen-based story-telling that inspires positive change – personally, in the community and in the world.” We aim to do this by our focus on Q&As and discussion. We engage and activate the community through fun events, action sessions and community projects. We support creativity and innovation in film making and by recognising innovators.

We are supported in these aims by inspiring companies like S. Group, who say they create wonder in design, architecture and community change.

Our good friends at Inclusive Creatives, who have designed the promotional campaign for BOFA 2021, are a creative collective that embraces and celebrates the differences of belief, ability and identity and build platforms for greater inclusiveness.

And Launceston Airport through their support of BOFA 2021, not only takes us to the world but brings the world to us in these strange days.

Thanks for the continued support, guys.

Photo by Jessica Podraza on Unsplash