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We are so excited to bring BOFA to you for the first time in Hobart. Ten outstanding films have been selected to delight, challenge, astonish and entertain audiences in the luxurious surroundings of the Village Cinema, Hobart. Plus, we have some thought-provoking panel discussions at the Duke Hotel, featuring filmmakers and other guests, discussing some of our enticing films.

Full program and details available from the BOFA website: Hobart Films

…and see what Peter Boyer had to say about the festival in The Mercury on Tuesday



We are screening the Australian premiere of the film DEFEND CONSERVE PROTECT, which explores the journey of the Sea Shepherd from Hobart and its attempts to stop the illegal whaling activities of a Japanese ship in the Southern Ocean. This film has just won Best International Documentary at its World Premiere screening at the recent American Documentary Film Festival.

Screening at 2:00pm, Saturday, 11 May.

Join Stephen Amis, Director of Defend, Conserve, Protect, Doug O’Neill (Sea Shepherd crew member), and Ben Richardson, (international legal expert), discussing the whaling issues raised in the film, and the complex process of making this film. Duke Hotel 4:00pm to 5:30pm, Saturday 11 May


Our opening night film UNDER THE COVER OF CLOUD set in Tasmania, is a remarkable achievement and is almost sold-out! Combining a family exploration, cricket and David Boon, and the meaning of life, the film will give you lots to think about and discuss

Red Carpet Screening at 7:30pm, Friday 10 May. Don’t miss  the After Party at The Duke Hotel where Ted Wilson will say a few words about the joys and challenges of making this film. Book here


Our films continue to win awards internationally. OF FATHERS AND SONS, the challenging documentary on the indoctrination process of a family teaching their children to be suicide bombers in Afghanistan, has amongst many awards, just received the award for Best Documentary (and one other award) at the Lolas (the German Film Academy Awards).

Screening at 12:30pm, Saturday, May 11.


Two films that attempt to solve some intriguing mysteries are highlights of the program.

Who is Elena Ferrante, the best selling book author who lives a reclusive existence? This fine documentary FERRANTE FEVER attempts to answer that question.

Screening at 11:30am, Saturday, May 11, followed by a Q & A with Clive Tilseley of Fullers Bookshop.


Why was world-renowned pianist Geoffrey Tozer ignored by Australia? See the film THE EULOGY which explores why this occurred, followed by a Q & A with Christopher Lawrence, expanding on the themes from this fine film.

Screening at 1:00pm, Sunday, May 12, followed by the Q & A.

Many of our films this year feature women or are directed by women.

A ragtag bunch of women threaten the established male dominance of a competitive round the world yacht race in the 1980s, MAIDEN. With rarely seen footage this documentary details the steps along the way which ended the assumption that women cannot hold their own with men in physically  and mentally demanding sports.

Screening at 5:30pm, Sunday, May 12, followed by a Q & A with Jo Breen, ocean racer, discussing the yacht race and the way women have demonstrated their ocean sailing prowess.

A group of refugee women take control of the devastating situation surviving in a refugee camp by establishing a food truck and food kitchen for the inhabitants. SOUFRA is an incredible story, full of compassion, heart and food.

Screening at 11am, Sunday, 12 May.

Continuing the refugee theme, Gabrielle’s haunting and multi-award-winning film ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS, which highlights the issues related to the refugees on Christmas Island, and the symbolic nature of the mass migration of sand crabs across the island. An amazing film that will leave you deep in thought.

Screening at 3:15pm, Sunday, May 12

Also, there will be a major discussion with Chris Cummins, Heather Kirkpatrick and Sonia Caton, who worked with asylum seekers on Christmas Island, on Migration and Asylum, 5:30pm to 7:00pm on Sunday, May 12 at the Duke Hotel


You will feel every part of the frigid atmosphere of the Arctic environment as an elderly couple eke out surviving the devastating cold and the encroaching modern civilization, in AGA. World-wide acclaim for this film indicates you will be moved by this incredible film.

Screening at 7:30pm, Saturday, 11 May, followed by a Q & A with Mel Fitzpatrick, and Jess Wharbaton


BOFA is proudly celebrating Indonesian stories and cinema with the screening of this award-winning story THE SEEN AND UNSEEN, which explores the magic, mystery and cultural spirituality of Indonesian life as seen through the eyes of a girl. The Balinese mysticism is brought to the fore in this dramatically powerful film. We rarely experience Indonesian cinema, so you do not want to miss this opportunity.

Screening at 4:30pm, Sunday, 12 May

With this heady mix of films, action sessions, and inspiring stories, you do not want to miss any part of BOFA in Hobart this year: May 10-12, 2019.

Full program and details available NOW.

When booking multiple tickets the best and cheapest method is to buy from the box office in person. Online bookings incur a booking fee and are only able to be done one film at a time. If you can’t get to the box office to buy multiples let us know at and we will arrange to buy on your behalf and have the tickets for pick up.