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The 2019 BOFA programme is now officially launched, with 32 stunning and award-winning films from 17 countries, many of which are Tasmanian or Australian premieres. Films telling stories that matter, that bring us together to discuss and share, to laugh and cry. Films that inspire us to take action!

For the first time we screen in both Hobart (May 10-12) and Launceston (May 16-19). And for the first time, classic films will screen in quirky locations in Launceston. How’s The Angel’s Share in the Grumpy Piper whiskey bar for the right setting? And, of course, the food and wine festival A Day On The Kingsway returns on Sunday 16 May in Launceston.

There are red carpet screenings including Opening Night screenings in both cities, Under the Cover of Cloud in Hobart and Book Week in Launceston and on every other night in Launceston. Plus, there will be Action Sessions in both cities to discuss the issues raised by key films.

Full program and details available now on our website.



Two women in a lesbian relationship live on a boat on the canals of London. Life seems fine until they start exploring the options of having a child. A male friend of one of the woman who may be able to satisfy their desire to have a child enters the mix. Yet things are never that simple.


A journey into a native Colombian tribe in the 1960’s through to the 80’s who succumb to easy riches by trading in marijuana. The tribe is ruled by a group of powerful women whose warnings about the dangerous activity remains largely unheeded until it is too late.


Tantri is a 10-year-old girl who is witnessing her twin brother, Tantra, gradually dying. The twins, through their dreams and subconscious connections experience a different world, allowing the audience to reach an understanding of deeply felt childhood relationships based on Indonesian traditions and beliefs. Join us before the screening for an exotic red-carpet cocktail party at Queen Victoria Museum, Wellington Street, Launceston, featuring Indonesian food, local wines and beer plus gamelan music to set the mood. Meet our Indonesian dignitaries and film maker guests.


Who is Elena Ferrante? Almost nothing is known about her as she refuses any publicity yet her eight novels have sold more than five million copies worldwide. Ardent fans like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Stout give their take on why her books have attracted so much attention.


If you are in the mood for a film with lashings of food, plus lashings of sex, and a lot of hilarity, then you don’t want to miss this classic movie. A downtrodden widow tries to make a success of an inherited Ramen (noodle) restaurant and meets some amazing characters and challenges along the way.


If you have fond memories of the horror/ terror films from the UK in the 1960s, then this film will work a treat for you. Internationally renowned actor Martin Freeman plays a victim of a ghostly visitation. He is visited by a television Professor who is famously sceptical of ghosts and apparitions, who has been given the opportunity to investigate three mysterious situations, when he finds some files with unexplained events. As each one progresses, his firm beliefs are challenged with his journey into the unknown, until…


Check out FREE Action Sessions in Hobart and Launceston and see what YOU can do differently in the world. For example, Stephen Amis the director of the film, Defend, Conserve, Protect, will discuss the challenges of making this film and the issues surrounding the Japanese withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission.


Bring the kids, the dog and your island state of mind to enjoy locally grown ingredients served with love at our street stalls; artisan spirits, wine and beer from Tamar based craft producers; art from the very heart of our local community; live music straight from the heart of our creative performers; fun for kids including Maypole dancing.

There is something for everyone at BOFA this year, an unforgettable mix of films, people, discussion, food and drink, and the wealth of experiences available in Tasmania. Don’t miss  BOFA 2019.

Full program and details available NOW.