The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Film Festival brings great stories and people together. We’ve searched the world for stories that intrigue, inspire and invite conversation.

BOFA is about ideas and change. We’ve found films that question today’s  world and how we, its citizens, choose to live in it.

BOFA is about personal challenge. We’ve gathered stories of the ways we test ourselves in life, in love and in the wild.

BOFA is serious about having fun. Join us at theVillage Cinemas, in the heart of Launceston. We’re laying out the red carpet, putting on parties everynight and screening in comfortable theatres with the highest quality projection.

The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Film Festival was started in 2010 as Tasmania’s first-ever major annual film festival. A unique event on the Australian film festival calendar, BOFA has always been intimate, thought-provoking and fun. It’s a film festival that’s been small enough to be friendly – not a black T-shirt or snooty attitude in sight – but big enough to be international in perspective.

Our mantra has always been to use film to inspire positive change and we pride ourselves on finding fresh, innovative stories to inspire you to see the world differently, truly a ‘breath of fresh air’. We find films that are receiving acclaim at international and national film festivals but we specialise in finding films that will not make the cinema circuit in Tasmania and which are not necessarily seen at other festivals.


There are many ways that volunteers can help with BOFA, from behind-the-scenes administration to VIP hospitality at the Festival in November. We need everything from ushers to smile and welcome our guests, to muscular types to haul stuff, to specialists who understand the mysteries of computers, exhibition stalls, lighting, music, you name it. Stewards and volunteers receive free film passes, T-shirts, refreshments and entry to celebrations.


We believe a partnership with your organisation is about nurturing your connection with your target customers by putting their needs first. BOFA is happy to customise a sponsorship package which could include some or all of the following: Branding, advertising and promotional messages, hospitality, client/customer perception building (via an enhanced festival experience), product placement, and/or fund raising. Partners can “own” a whole part of the film festival or could just support one film or event. Let’s talk about how BOFA can leverage your business. Call Owen Tilbury on 0407 501 287.


Only 16% of the film festival is funded by ticket sales. BOFA needs corporate benefactors as sponsors to tax-deductibly support the running of this ambitious event. This can come in terms of in-kind or financial support. As a sponsor you are invited to attend films and parties as our guest, plus meet the various industry guests. Sponsorships are tax deductible business expenses. We will provide you with tangible publicity and business benefits worth significantly more than your investment. If you have “made a dollar” and would like to make a difference with it, now is the time to talk to us. Call Owen Tilbury on 0407 501 287.


Festival Director: Owen Tilbury
Program Director: Helen Tilbury
Artistic Director: Trish Lake
Administration Director: Sue Walker
Communications Manager: Tony Walker
Festival and Site Manager: Paul Hansen

Branding: Steve Lucius, S Group
Social Media: Helen Tilbury, Digital Dandy
Website: Kevin Vo
Program Designers: Joseph Bunton, Lucas Grenda, Isaac Cini and Cat Kerr
Printers: Foot and Playsted