It’s not what you know, it’s what you do that makes the difference

The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Film Festival and BOFA in Action are committed to making positive changes with people, communities and globally.

If you want to see the world be a better place, you can start right here!

Welcome to Made Open 

Communities and organisations around the world are facing many problems, and solving these problems requires collaboration. But this is easier said than done. Too often the needs of commissioning partners are forced onto others – advocating competition over collaboration, ‘done to’ over ‘do with’, hierarchies over heterarchies. Reliance on collaboration to solve intractable social problems, when facing relational inequalities amongst collaborators, rarely achieves desired outcomes.

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that institutional ‘top down’ partnerships form with the best of intentions but often fail because everyone is chief, or thinks they are. By contrast, community-led collaborations that emerge from a group of committed people with a passion to solve a common goal often outperform hierarchical partnerships on scant resources.

History also tells us that money alone doesn’t change the world, people do. Mahatma Gandhi recognised the power of the crowd. He promoted the view that the individual should do more so that the state would do less – a view endorsed by many modern councils and governments a century later. Indeed, Gandhi wished to see “an economy pivoting on a fully employing, self-governing village enjoying maximum self-sufficiency and minimum mechanisation; whose wealth is reverted to the community”. As do we.


How Made Open Works

Made Open is the only configurable platform where any community, anywhere in the English-speaking world, can draw on the available strengths of its community, and partnering organisations, to promote resilience, enterprise and improve the impact of cross-sector coalitions towards a common agenda.

The Made Open platform five core elements:

  • Idea generation
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Social Networking
  • Communications
  • Community Exchange

MadeOpen, developed recently in the European Union, is being trialed in Tasmania by BOFA, Anglicare, Red Cross and Central Coast Council. This integrated online platform connects people or organisations to develop ideas to make change happen. It will assist BOFA Action Groups and regional innovation groups to interact and work together effectively. In this way communities and regions can use Made Open Tasmania as a networking platform, free innovation toolkit and crowd funding tool.

Join Made Open Tasmania Here / Sign up for free.

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